What is ZOO-Kernel ?

ZOO-Kernel is the heart of the ZOO-Project WPS platform. It is a WPS compliant implementation written in C language which provides a powerful and extensible WPS server.

ZOO-Kernel implements and complies with the WPS 1.0.0 standard edited by the Open Geospatial Consortium. It is able to perform the WPS operations as indicated in the OpenGIS ® specification, as listed bellow:

  • GetCapablities: Returns service-level metadata information.It provides the list of available processing services.
  • DescribeProcess: Returns a description of a process, including its supported input and output.
  • Execute: Launches computation and returns the output produced by a particular process.

First class WPS server

ZOO-Kernel is an extensible WPS server that makes your system more powerful. It provides a full-featured processing engine which runs on Linux, Mac OSX ™ and Windows ™ operating systems. ZOO-Kernel works on common web servers (namely Apache or IIS ™) and can be seamlessly integrated to new or existing web platforms.

ZOO-Kernel lets you process geospatial or non geospatial data using well formed WPS requests. The WPS server is able to manage and chain WPS Services (see ZOO-Services for examples) by loading dynamic libraries and source code written in different programming languages.

Supported programming languages

ZOO-Kernel is a polyglot. The software is written in a valid form of multiple programming languages, which performs the same operations independent of the programming language used to compile or interpret it.

Language ServiceProvider DataStructure Return
C / C++ Shared Library maps* M integer
Java Class File HashMap integer
Python Module File Dictionary integer
PHP Script File Array integer
Perl Script File   integer
Ruby Script File Hash integer
Fortran Shared Library CHARACTER*(1024) M(10,30) integer
JavaScript Script file Object or Array Object/Array