What are ZOO-Services ?

ZOO-Services are WPS compliant Web Services working with ZOO-Kernel, the ZOO-Project WPS server.

What is a ZOO-Service?

A ZOO Service is a couple composed of:

  • Source code you want to create or reuse as WPS Service
  • A configuration file (.zcfg) which describes this WPS Service

Learn how to create your own and how to configure ZOO-Services according to the ZCFG Reference.

Available ZOO-Services

ZOO-Project includes ready-to-use WPS Services based on reliable open source libraries such as GDAL, GRASS GIS, OrfeoToolbox and CGAL. The so-called ZOO-Services aim at reusing existing geospatial algorithms through standard WPS, with no or minor modification of the involved software or library source codes.

Available ZOO-Services provide a number of significant examples to build your own.