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2List of ZOO-Project committers
5Folks who have agreed to ZOO-Project Commiter Guildlines terms:
7SVN Login(s)  Name/Contact
8============  ============
9david         David SAGGIORATO
10              dsaggiorato at
11djay          Gérald FENOY
12              gerald.fenoy at
13jmckenna      Jeff MCKENNA
14              jmckenna at
15kalxas        Angelos TZOTSOS
16              gcpp.kalxas at
17lucadelu      Luca DELUCCHI
18              lucadeluge at
19neteler       Markus Neteler
20              neteler at
21nmarco        Marco NEGRETTI
22              marco.negretti at
23reluc         René-Luc D'HONT
24              rldhont at
25tclarke       Trevor CLARKE
26              tclarke at
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