source: trunk/zoo-project/zoo-services/cgal/Makefile @ 779

Last change on this file since 779 was 779, checked in by djay, 7 years ago

Fix location of the libzoo_service to the relative zoo-kernel directory from the services' Makefiles.

File size: 729 bytes
[284]2include ${ZRPATH}/zoo-kernel/ZOOMakefile.opts
[469]6cgi-env/cgal_service.zo: delaunay.c voronoi.c cgal_service.o
7        g++ ${CFLAGS} -c ./delaunay.c
8        g++ ${CFLAGS} -c ./voronoi.c
[779]9        g++ ${CFLAGS} -shared -o cgi-env/cgal_service.zo ./delaunay.o ./voronoi.o ./cgal_service.o ${GDAL_LIBS} ${MACOS_LD_FLAGS} ${CGAL_LDFLAGS} -lCGAL -lgmp ${GDAL_LIBS} -L${ZRPATH}/zoo-kernel/ -lzoo_service
[469]11cgal_service.o: cgal_service.c cgal_service.h
12        g++ ${CFLAGS} -c ./cgal_service.c
15        install -d ${CGI_DIR}/cgal
16        install cgi-env/* ${CGI_DIR}/cgal/
[469]19        rm -f cgi-env/*.zo *.o
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