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Adding the -fPIC option to the ZOO-Kernel Makefile which shall fix issue detailled in ticket #14. Making the code of the GdalExtractProfile? ZOO Service available and a bit modified to return a JSON string as some people asked for this capability. Many thanks to Frank Warmerdam for his feedbacks about this ZOO Service which make the publication doable and for pointing out some possible improvements.

  • Property svn:executable set to *
File size: 288 bytes
1CFLAGS=-I../../../zoo-kernel/ -I./ `xml2-config --cflags` `python-config --cflags` -DLINUX_FREE_ISSUE #-DDEBUG
4cgi-env/gdal_profile_service.zo: service.c
5        g++  -DZOO_SERVICE ${CFLAGS} -shared -fpic -o cgi-env/gdal_profile_service.zo ./service.c -lgdal
8        rm -f cgi-env/*.zo
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