source: trunk/zoo-services/utils/status/Makefile @ 255

Last change on this file since 255 was 255, checked in by djay, 12 years ago

Bug fix in shared memory gesture. Add shell script to run tests for the utils/status services (both longProcess and GetStatus?).

File size: 587 bytes
1CFLAGS=-I../../../thirds/cgic206/ -I../../../zoo-kernel/ -I./ `xslt-config --cflags` `xml2-config --cflags` -lintl -lfcgi -lcrypto -DLINUX_FREE_ISSUE #-DDEBUG
2# if JS_ENABLED flag is set to true in your ZOO-Kernel Makefile then you'll have
3# uncomment the following line
4# JS_LDFLAGS=../../../zoo-kernel/ulinet.o ../../../zoo-kernel/service_internal_js.o
6cgi-env/wps_status.zo: service.c
7        g++ ${CFLAGS} -shared -fpic -o cgi-env/wps_status.zo ./service.c ../../../zoo-kernel/service_internal.o ${JS_LDFLAGS} `xml2-config --libs` `xslt-config --libs`
10        rm -f cgi-env/wps_status.zo
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