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Update OGC API - Processes documentation and implementation, providing a browsable User Interface to Processes.

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  • trunk/docs/kernel/configuration.rst

    r950 r962  
    450450 * ``header_parameters``: the parameters list client applications can send as header
    451451 * ``version``: the Open API Specification version
     452 * ``license_name``: the license name for the service
     453 * ``license_url``: the license URL
     454 * ``full_html_support``: set it to true to activate support of the
     455   Accept header to choose between text/html or application/json
     456   format 
     457 * ``partial_html_support``: set it to true in case you have the
     458   display service from the `open-api directory
     459   <http://zoo-project.org/trac/browser/trunk/zoo-project/zoo-services/utils/open-api/cgi-env//cgi-env>`__
     460   and you want to aknowledge the text/html format in links
     461 * ``wsUrl``: the WebSocket URL to subscribe client to redis
     462 * ``publisherUrl``: the URL used to publish status updates
    453464For any links and paths ``/A`` defined, you will have a corresponding
    454465``[/A]`` and ``[A]`` sections. In the ``[/A]`` section you will define
    494505 * ``[conformTo]``: referring to links list of the requirements classes the server implements and conforms to
     508In case you have set ``partial_html_support`` or
     509``partial_html_support`` set to true, then you can add a corresponding
     510``[A.html]`` section providing the link informations. Also, it means
     511that you are willing to let the client choose in between
     512application/json and text/html format by providing the corresponding
     513Accept header in its request, when ``full_html_support`` is set to
     514true or by using the ``.html`` extension in the URL, in case
     515``partial_html_support`` was set true. Also, the user interface
     516provided in the `open-api directory
     518will let the client goes untill the execution of a job. In case you
     519want this functionality to be working correctly we invite you to use a
     520``.htaccess`` equivalent to the one provided `here
     521<http://zoo-project.org/trac/browser/trunk/zoo-project/zoo-services/utils/open-api/server/.htacess>`__. Also
     522the WebSocket can be started using websocketd in combinaison with the
     525script, finally you will need to add the `publish.py
     527script in the cgi-bin directory of your web server.
    496529For more information on how to interact with this WPS REST Binding, please refer
    497530to this `page
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