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(edit) @942   13 months djay Tag the 1.7.0 release.
(edit) @935   14 months djay Created branch/tags for the 1.7.0 release candidate 1
(edit) @933   14 months knut Resolve certain string-related type conflicts, e.g., char* vs. const …
(edit) @916   15 months djay Remove the workshop material from the SVN server.
(edit) @915   15 months djay Fix issue for building on windows
(edit) @914   15 months djay Fix isssue with windows build.
(edit) @913   15 months djay Fix typo
(edit) @912   15 months djay Fix typo
(edit) @911   15 months djay Typo
(edit) @910   15 months djay Fixx issue in server_internal.c
(edit) @909   15 months djay Fix typo
(edit) @908   15 months djay Update HISTORY.txt. Fix file size issue. Fix issue #168. Add missing …
(edit) @907   15 months djay Fix typo. Define StdErr? from FinalizeHPC1 service. make sure to call …
(edit) @906   15 months djay Add missing file
(edit) @905   15 months djay Be a little more precise about how to build and use the zcfg2sql …
(edit) @904   15 months djay Add documentation for the HPC support, update the MapServer? suport …
(edit) @903   15 months djay Fix issue with UOM definitions
(edit) @902   16 months djay Make Callback and HPC support independent.
(edit) @901   16 months djay Update saga2zcfg to SAGA-GIS version 7.2.0, add support for date dataType.
(edit) @900   16 months djay Add support for SAGA-GIS 7.2.0
(edit) @899   16 months djay Fix header files location
(edit) @898   16 months djay Add missing variable definition.
(edit) @897   16 months djay Add information abouut semaphore status for future deletion. Make sure …
(edit) @896   17 months knut Added some recent changes from trunk (r889), including some new …
(edit) @895   18 months djay Add download_link nested output for every complex data
(edit) @894   18 months djay Add download_link nested output for every complex data
(edit) @893   18 months djay Remove uneeded debug messages.
(edit) @892   18 months djay Add caching.obj in dependencies of zcfg2yaml
(edit) @891   18 months djay Fix typo
(edit) @890   18 months djay Make this ZOO-Kernel working properly on windows platform again.
(edit) @888   20 months djay Add support for output style definition depending on geometry type …
(edit) @887   21 months djay Fix double definition of the m maps pointer.
(edit) @886   21 months djay Check for md5sum of any file in the cache to avoid sending the same …
(edit) @885   22 months djay Make sure that Internet Explorer run the request and does not use the …
(edit) @884   22 months djay Add OGR tindex ZOO-Service
(edit) @883   22 months djay Add the capability to parse Execute response when service has been …
(edit) @882   22 months djay Fix to use same default mode when memory is not set and service is run …
(edit) @881   22 months djay Make sure to initialize properly every field of a service.
(edit) @880   22 months djay Modify memory configuration option gesture. Now, in case you don't …
(edit) @879   22 months djay Fix problem for running Execute request from a JavaScript? ZOO-Service …
(edit) @878   2 years djay Add FinalizeHPC1 service to use sacct command rather than scontrol.
(edit) @877   2 years djay Fixes for supporting properly the memory=protect which force the …
(edit) @876   2 years djay Fix issue browsing the resgistry
(edit) @875   2 years djay Add documentation for the R support.
(edit) @874   2 years djay Add missing files.
(edit) @873   2 years djay Add support for R language and its documentation.
(edit) @872   2 years djay Fix name of the map red to return extra cookie headers
(edit) @871   2 years djay Use curl_multi_wait only in case libcurl minor version number is upper …
(edit) @867   2 years djay Fix issue #163 and add support for extra cookie through definition of …
(edit) @865   2 years djay Use correct declaration of the zo_DS variable in libzoo_service.
(edit) @864   2 years djay Use memory=load for downloading body references.
(edit) @863   2 years djay Change the default ZOO-Kernel behavior, if an input has been passed by …
(edit) @862   2 years djay Add the capability to publish heatmap or any templated mapfile using …
(edit) @861   3 years djay Add missing flag. Remove debug messages.
(edit) @860   3 years djay Add status_code key to the lenv section to support returning a …
(edit) @859   3 years djay Sleep for a longer period
(edit) @858   3 years djay Use nanosleep between successive call of curl_multi_perform.
(edit) @857   3 years djay Send same informations used for inputs for outputs.
(edit) @856   3 years djay Fix loction of missing files
(edit) @855   3 years djay Add missing files
(edit) @854   3 years djay HPC support update. Add inputs for create options in Gdal_Dem.
(edit) @851   3 years djay Invoke callback asynchronously. Still the ZOO-Kernel has still to wait …
(edit) @850   3 years djay Fix various memory leaks and enhance the callback support. Add the …
(edit) @848   3 years djay Check and set the default pixel type as proposed by Manuel.
(edit) @846   3 years djay Fix typo.
(edit) @845   3 years djay Add the missing service_callback, service_json and meta_sql.
(edit) @839   3 years djay Update the source code for HPC support. Automatically adding nested …
(edit) @833   3 years cresson DOC: Add some comments
(edit) @832   3 years cresson ENH: Add custom mapfile styling option
(edit) @830   3 years cresson ENH: Enhance raster styling in mapserver support
(edit) @829   3 years cresson Creating a branch for ms-style feature
(edit) @822   3 years djay Commit the minimal requirements for remote HPC support
(edit) @821   3 years djay Create branch for testing purpose
(edit) @816   3 years djay Merge branch-1.6 and rel-1.6.0 from trunk
(edit) @814   3 years djay Merge small changes to branch-1.6 and tag-1.6.0
(edit) @812   3 years djay Merge branch-1.6 with trunk and create the tag for the 1.6.0 release
(edit) @807   3 years djay Merge trunk into branch-1.6
(edit) @801   4 years djay Created branch/tags for the 1.6.0-rc1 release
(edit) @741   5 years david
(edit) @736   5 years djay Merge trunk in branch-1.5 and created tag for the 1.5.0 release
(edit) @732   5 years djay Created branch/tags for the 1.5.0 release candidate 1.
(edit) @722   5 years djay Add document to help translating the internal messages using …
(edit) @717   5 years djay Move translation into ZOO-Services and add a specific sub-section …
(edit) @716   5 years djay Add the POST request debuging method description.
(edit) @715   5 years nbozon corrected title colors in docs css
(edit) @714   5 years djay Various fixes in the installation documentation.
(edit) @713   5 years djay Various fixes in installation documentation
(edit) @711   5 years djay Various fixes
(edit) @710   5 years nbozon updated configuration docs
(edit) @709   5 years nbozon removed uneeded css
(edit) @708   5 years djay Small fix in fotonotes, avoid long lines..
(edit) @707   5 years djay Original title in bold
(edit) @706   5 years djay Add Sponsors and Knowledge partners in index page.
(edit) @704   5 years djay Change title for ZOO-Project PSC and use it as reference from …
(edit) @702   5 years djay Use reference to zoo_psc and zoo_developers in the release procedure
(edit) @701   5 years djay Small fixes in release.rst to avoid long lines.
(edit) @700   5 years djay Various fixes in contribute documentation
(edit) @699   5 years nbozon added release procedure to the contribute doc section
(edit) @698   5 years djay Fixes in Profile Registry documentation
(edit) @697   5 years nbozon more small doc fixes
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