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(edit) @920   3 years djay Fix documentation typos.
(edit) @919   3 years djay Fix date in copyright
(edit) @918   3 years djay Add missing image
(edit) @917   3 years djay Merge prototype-v0 branch in trunk
(edit) @819   6 years djay Make mention that Apache is required.
(edit) @818   6 years djay Small fix in debian installation guide.
(edit) @817   6 years djay Forward headers defined in the security section in the main.cfg #139.
(edit) @809   6 years djay Add the java-rpath to the configure options.
(edit) @806   6 years djay Fix typo in doc.
(edit) @800   6 years djay Set version number.
(edit) @796   6 years knut Added documentation for the [include] section and libPath parameter of …
(edit) @794   6 years djay Add the initial C# language support.
(edit) @793   6 years djay Add reference to the Abstract Process Model in the OGC WPS 2.0.0 spec.
(edit) @792   6 years djay Add nested inputs / outputs definition to the documentation.
(edit) @784   6 years djay Give the capability to store the main.cfg file in sysconfdir and the …
(edit) @772   6 years djay Dynamically add a [renv] section to store all environment variables …
(edit) @771   6 years djay Remove the default java.library.path definition and use an optional …
(edit) @764   6 years djay Fix typo
(edit) @763   6 years djay Fix typo
(edit) @762   6 years djay Add comment about licensing and Java support.
(edit) @761   6 years djay Add specific section to install ZOO-Project windows binaries via the …
(edit) @755   6 years djay Link to jsdoc fixed.
(edit) @754   6 years djay Add the ZOO-Client API reference in the official documentation.
(edit) @752   6 years djay Add optional CORS support. Fix issue when dealing with Array in …
(edit) @750   7 years djay Fix CentOS documentation, add the javax section and the minimal …
(edit) @749   7 years djay Update the Centos installation procedure.
(edit) @742   7 years djay Fix #135.
(edit) @735   7 years djay Small fixes in install and documentation on how to release to avoid …
(edit) @728   7 years djay Fix typo.
(edit) @727   7 years djay Fixes in documentation to build pdf correctly... Put back the note …
(edit) @726   7 years djay Fix location of _static using pathto in the layout.html files used as …
(edit) @725   7 years djay Fix issue with rst files displayed from Trac. Fix strings to be …
(copy) @724   7 years djay Remove previous docs directory and integrate the one in the branch …
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(edit) @722   7 years djay Add document to help translating the internal messages using …
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