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(edit) @917   5 months djay Merge prototype-v0 branch in trunk
(edit) @817   3 years djay Forward headers defined in the security section in the main.cfg #139.
(edit) @783   3 years djay fix issue #141.
(edit) @782   3 years djay Small fix in string displayed by otb2zcfg
(edit) @781   3 years djay Fix issue #140
(edit) @775   3 years djay Add GDAL 2 support to the cgal services. Updadte otb support to build …
(edit) @768   3 years djay Fix location of the libfcgi.
(edit) @739   4 years djay Add our own ZCFG / Python scripts generator to be use with …
(edit) @703   4 years djay Add SVN Admin status in COMMITERS.
(edit) @638   4 years djay Fix for SAGA-GIS generated ZCFG and add '=' to the acceptable values …
(edit) @637   4 years djay Fixes in zcfg generator and fixes to build correctly on GNU/Linux.
(edit) @634   4 years djay Integrate a basic SAGA-GIS support into the ZOO-Kernel.
(edit) @566   5 years djay Remove uneeded encoding seting for kmz.
(edit) @563   5 years djay Add kmz output support.
(edit) @555   5 years djay Fixes for OTB support. Add --with-itk and --with-itk-version options.
(edit) @552   5 years djay Small fix in README for otb2zcfg.
(edit) @550   5 years djay Add otb2zcfg and OTB applications support without observer by now. Fix …
(edit) @493   5 years kalxas Added debian files for cgic 2.6
(edit) @476   5 years djay Upgrade dirent-win32 to dirent API for Microsoft Visual Studio. Fix …
(edit) @430   6 years djay Add COMMITERS file and missing header in unistd.h .
(edit) @379   7 years djay Fix handling of multiple outputs. Small fix to build with bleeding …
(edit) @364   7 years djay Update to make ZOO-Kernel able to compile and run from Windows …
(edit) @348   8 years neteler set correctly svn propset
(edit) @346   8 years neteler fix compilation on 64bit linux
(edit) @328   8 years djay Fix bug #62. Use the same data structure in JS as in Python. Fix again …
(edit) @308   8 years nbozon minor change in main doc rst
(edit) @284   8 years djay Add the ZOOMakefile.opts file used from service providers' Makefiles.
(edit) @224   8 years djay Add the unistd.h header file for MSVC 2008 and use it from
(edit) @216   8 years djay Add WIN32 platform support. Fix for values containing @ passed as KVP.
(edit) @98   9 years djay No need for external access to this variable as it is finally used …
(edit) @97   9 years djay Keep the default behavior to correctly decode url. Avoid any decoding …
(edit) @96   9 years djay Fix the cgic library to avoid removing '+' characters form the input …
(edit) @78   9 years djay Remove request length display and fix Makefile for MacOS X.
(edit) @7   9 years djay Remove uneeded CFLAGS from the cgic Makefile.
(edit) @6   9 years djay Update the cgic library to let run the ZOO Kernel from the command line.
(add) @1   10 years djay Initial ZOO SVN Repository Import.
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