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(edit) @984   8 months djay Take into account building ZOO-Project on ubuntu focal (cf. …
(edit) @982   8 months djay Update version 1.8.1-dev, use demos from github and build basic …
(edit) @980   10 months djay Remove wrong tag and set 1.8.0 version in and
(edit) @968   10 months djay Add websocketd container to docker-compose and make the OGC API - …
(edit) @967   10 months djay Add support for the two inputs / outputs syntaxes discussed in SWG in …
(edit) @962   12 months djay Update OGC API - Processes documentation and implementation, providing …
(edit) @953   2 years djay Fix typo
(edit) @952   2 years djay Fix callback activation
(edit) @936   2 years djay Small fix
(edit) @925   2 years djay Fix search location for R headers
(edit) @924   2 years djay Typo in
(edit) @917   2 years djay Merge prototype-v0 branch in trunk
(edit) @817   5 years djay Forward headers defined in the security section in the main.cfg #139.
(edit) @813   5 years djay Fixing #143 and #144.
(edit) @809   5 years djay Add the java-rpath to the configure options.
(edit) @805   5 years djay Return default iotype if no value has been provided. Fix potential …
(edit) @804   5 years djay Temporary fix for ITK 4.10 and OTB >=5.4.
(edit) @803   5 years djay Fix issue when building with OTB version upper or equal to 5.8.0.
(edit) @800   5 years djay Set version number.
(edit) @797   5 years djay Return an ExceptionReport? in case any inpts failed to be downloaded.
(edit) @794   5 years djay Add the initial C# language support.
(edit) @784   5 years djay Give the capability to store the main.cfg file in sysconfdir and the …
(edit) @775   5 years djay Add GDAL 2 support to the cgal services. Updadte otb support to build …
(edit) @767   5 years djay Fix issue with headers located in extern C. Define java.library.path …
(edit) @753   6 years djay Add the MapServer? 7.0.1 internal support. Add the ZOO-Client API …
(edit) @740   6 years djay Fix FASTCGI location using the --with-fastcgi option.
(edit) @675   6 years djay Small fixes in
(edit) @673   6 years djay Fixes in Fix in registry creation. Fixes for Data node …
(edit) @652   6 years djay Better concurrency gesture for asynchronous requests, add db backend …
(edit) @640   6 years djay First version including zoo_service shared library
(edit) @637   6 years djay Fixes in zcfg generator and fixes to build correctly on GNU/Linux.
(edit) @634   6 years djay Integrate a basic SAGA-GIS support into the ZOO-Kernel.
(edit) @611   7 years djay Small fix for Java configuration.
(edit) @559   7 years djay Fix in autotools.
(edit) @555   7 years djay Fixes for OTB support. Add --with-itk and --with-itk-version options.
(edit) @551   7 years djay Fix version number in
(edit) @550   7 years djay Add otb2zcfg and OTB applications support without observer by now. Fix …
(edit) @544   7 years djay Add branch-1.4 and rel-1.4.0-rc1 for the upcoming release 1.4.0-rc1.
(edit) @521   7 years david -add libgeos, libcgal checking
(edit) @520   7 years david - check libxslt install
(edit) @518   7 years david - adding an install target in the zoo-kernel Makefile
(edit) @514   7 years djay Use unique identifier as reference for asynchronous service execution.
(edit) @466   8 years djay Fix issue with language gesture on Ubuntu platforms.
(edit) @465   8 years djay Add the optional YAML ZCFG support #4 and the zcfg2yaml converter. …
(edit) @459   8 years djay Initial introduction of Value and Range in AllowedValues?, update zcfg …
(edit) @435   8 years djay Tag release 1.3.0-rc2
(edit) @393   9 years djay Remove temporary file created when running service in background. Make …
(edit) @370   9 years djay Add the capability to use a specific Python version by detecting if …
(edit) @305   10 years david bug fix :
(copy) @303   10 years djay Updating the trunk tree to add zoo-project directory containing …
copied from trunk/zoo-kernel/
(edit) @297   10 years djay Initial MapServer? W*S output support integration, pass version number …
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