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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4 Using YAML config file new enhancement major
#62 Problem chaining WPS calls new djay defect major 1.2.0
#69 Behavior when ZOO-Kernel is unable to access the files using References new defect major
#75 empty input value problem new enhancement major
#77 MapServer 6.2.0 raster output new defect major
#112 Status file location error on long processes new defect major
#130 SAGA-GIS Support new enhancement major 1.4dev
#133 FTP storage new enhancement major
#147 GetStatus transient failure new defect major
#151 Build zoo-kernel with OTB configured with c++11 new defect major
#174 Undeclared variable in zoo_service_loader.c new defect major
#134 Error compiling cgic library new defect minor
#142 Proj4JS and Zoo Project API to access nzgd2kgrid0005.gsb file new enhancement minor
#148 Getting HelloWorldJava working new task minor
#152 How to get jar files included so can be used for Java service api? new task minor
#153 AJAX request from JavaScript service new task minor
#156 Trying to chain services together new task minor
#136 Probable wrong location of example python service source file new defect trivial
#150 What is wrong with my new defect trivial
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