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#22 Table of Contents for documentation new jmckenna task major 1.2.0
#23 Documentation search engine assigned jmckenna defect minor 1.2.0
#33 CSS tweak needed to handle long URLs new nickboz defect major 1.2.0
#55 Debian / Ubuntu documentation new jmckenna defect major 1.2.0
#58 ZOO-API Documentation update new jmckenna defect major 1.2.0
#36 Create zoo-demo package for MapServer new jmckenna defect major
#162 use of single color osgeo logo new jmckenna defect minor
#35 Trac notifications on IRC reopened jmckenna enhancement major
#44 Multilingual sphinx - [FR branch] new jmckenna enhancement major
#61 Documentation generation on new jmckenna enhancement major
#70 IE 9 issue with site style new jmckenna defect major
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