Ticket #91 (new defect)

Opened 9 years ago

addMapToMap function

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The addMapToMap(map** mo, map* mi) function (service.h) should append mi to the last node in mo. However, the function does not work as intended. In the following code fragment, the pointer _cursor is detached from the linked list mo when createMap is called. As a consequence, addMapToMap only modifies mo when *mo == NULL.

   map* _cursor=*mo;
   /* .... */

   _cursor=createMap(tmp->name,tmp->value);  // _cursor no longer points to node in mo linked list
   _cursor->next=NULL;                       // superfluous

This problem affects, in the least, the support for PHP. See specifically the function map* php_map_from_HasTable(HashTable* t) (service_internal_php.c): The line

   addMapToMap(&final_res, createMap(key,Z_STRVAL(tmpcopy)));

occurs inside a loop over the attributes of an output variable, but a node will only be added to final_res in the first iteration of the loop, i.e. only the first attribute will be included. Thus if the first attribute is not value, the WPS process fails.

I have written a modified addMapToMap function (see below) which resolved the problems with our PHP services (it should be verified independently that the modified function works as required).

 static void addMapToMap( map** mo, map* mi ) {
	if ( mo != NULL && mi != NULL ) {
		map* p_mi = mi;
		if ( *mo == NULL ) {
			*mo = createMap( mi->name, mi->value );
			p_mi = mi->next;
		// move to end of *mo linked list
		map* p_mo = *mo;
		while ( p_mo->next != NULL ) { p_mo = p_mo->next; }
		// add nodes in mi linked list sequentially
		while ( p_mi != NULL ) {
			p_mo->next = createMap( p_mi->name, p_mi->value );
			p_mi = p_mi->next;
			p_mo = p_mo->next; 
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