and .

Sep 24, 2010:

16:11 Changeset [31] by david
-support python optionnel
16:10 Changeset [30] by david
-support python optionnel
16:10 Changeset [29] by david
-modification compilation support python, possibilité de compiler sans …
15:27 Changeset [28] by david
-modification des options de compilation pour le support perl et php
09:50 Changeset [27] by david
-correction bug compilation support perl
05:11 Changeset [26] by djay
ZOO-Kernel updates and bug fixes : * Fixing gestion of …

Sep 22, 2010:

11:39 Changeset [25] by david
ajout support perl (beta)
11:38 Changeset [24] by david
-ajout service de test perl

Sep 20, 2010:

15:17 Changeset [23] by david
-correction bug support perl
14:56 Changeset [22] by david
ajout support perl (attention encore en dev)
12:35 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by nickboz
12:30 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by nickboz
12:24 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by venka
12:21 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by venka
11:57 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by venka
11:56 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by venka
11:46 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by venka

Sep 19, 2010:

21:20 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by djay
21:00 testXmlValidation.sh attached to ZOOWPSImplementationReport by djay
testXmlValidation.sh Bash script to run XML validity tests on a WPS …
20:58 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by djay
20:48 extractStatusLocation.xsl attached to ZOOWPSImplementationReport by djay
extractStatusLocation.xsl XSL file used to extract the attribute …
20:42 ZOOWPSImplementationReport edited by djay
18:07 Changeset [21] by djay
Small fix in the XML parser.
14:53 ZOOWPSImplementationReport created by djay
ZOO Project Implentation Report on XML validity answered by ZOO Kernel
04:49 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
04:46 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
02:37 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
02:36 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
02:34 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
02:33 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
02:31 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
02:15 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
01:55 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
01:52 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
01:26 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
01:25 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka

Sep 17, 2010:

13:21 Changeset [20] by djay
Small cleanup.
10:01 ZooCompliancyReport edited by markusn
readded proj acronym (diff)

Sep 16, 2010:

22:03 Changeset [19] by djay
Small fix zoo_loader.c to remove debug string which can cause trouble.
16:10 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet6 edited by djay
14:14 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
00:21 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka
00:14 ZooCompliancyReport edited by venka

Sep 15, 2010:

15:02 Changeset [18] by david
-ajout support perl
15:01 Changeset [17] by david
-ajout support perl
15:00 Changeset [16] by david
-ajout support perl
15:00 Changeset [15] by david
-ajout support perl
11:35 ZooCompliancyReport edited by markusn
initial tweaks (diff)
10:53 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet6 created by markusn
new from Gérald and Nick
10:48 PSC/meetings edited by markusn
added Barcelona F2F minutes (diff)
10:09 ZooCompliancyReport edited by markusn

Sep 14, 2010:

21:35 Changeset [14] by djay
Fix segfault when freeing request_output_real_format…
21:16 Ticket #10 (Lexer rule (*.l) documentation and variables are in Frenchlish) closed by djay
fixed: Thanks relet, solved here. thx.
21:15 Changeset [13] by djay
Remove french comment. Some variable names are still in french.... Fix …
21:11 Ticket #6 (Unicode support in main.cfg) closed by djay
fixed: Let us know if any missing characters have to be added. Thanks in advance.
21:09 Changeset [12] by djay
Fix ticket #6 about UTF8 support in main.cfg file.
20:52 Ticket #7 (Support + and ( ) character in phoneVoice) closed by djay
fixed: Many thanks relet for your feedbacks. The '(', ')' and '+' characters …
20:48 Changeset [11] by djay
Small fix for ticket #7. Thanks to relet for his feedbacks.
20:34 Changeset [10] by djay
Small fix to check if only one parameter was passed and if the first …
19:35 Ticket #5 (Segmentation fault on lineno in cgiMain) closed by djay
fixed: Relet, thanks for your feedback. I now close this ticket as the …
19:31 Ticket #11 (Kernel segfaults when metapath parameter is missing from request) closed by djay
fixed: Hi relet, many thanks for this report. With the current trunk …
19:29 Ticket #8 (service.h:375: error: too few arguments to function ‘void* ...) closed by djay
fixed: Hi relet, thanks for yoru feedbacks. This issue is solved in the svn …
18:43 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
18:30 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
18:28 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
18:23 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
18:05 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
18:00 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:56 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:50 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:45 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:44 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:42 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:40 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:37 ZooCompliancyReport edited by nickboz
17:34 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:32 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:28 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:27 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:25 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:24 ZooCompliancyReport edited by djay
17:19 ZooCompliancyReport created by djay
14:15 WikiStart edited by nicboz
14:04 Changeset [9] by djay
Update of both ZOO Kernel and ZOO Services (ogr base-vect-ops …

Sep 10, 2010:

14:53 PSC edited by venka
14:46 PSC edited by venka

Sep 9, 2010:

15:59 ZooDocumentation/ZOOServices edited by lucadelu
13:21 ZooDocumentation/ZOOServices edited by lucadelu
start python service documentation (diff)
07:58 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
07:55 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay

Sep 6, 2010:

11:18 ZooWorkshop2010/Files edited by djay
11:03 Practical introduction to ZOO - The Open WPS Platform.odt attached to ZooWorkshop2010/Content by djay
Practical introduction to ZOO - The Open WPS Platform.odt
11:03 Practical introduction to ZOO - The Open WPS Platform.pdf attached to ZooWorkshop2010/Content by djay
Practical introduction to ZOO - The Open WPS Platform.pdf

Sep 5, 2010:

16:15 ZooWorkshop2010/Files created by djay

Sep 3, 2010:

16:51 ZooWorkshop2010/Content edited by venka
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