and .

Jun 4, 2011:

15:39 Changeset [227] by djay
Add the Xml2Pdf service for pycsw project.
15:11 Changeset [226] by djay
Accept <Default /> nodes when no default value are available for a service.

Jun 3, 2011:

22:46 Ticket #27 (Testing win32 compile of zoo-kernel) closed by djay
fixed: Thanks for reporting this issue. A fix was commited in trunk, …
22:37 Changeset [225] by djay
Fixing issue #27.
21:45 Ticket #27 (Testing win32 compile of zoo-kernel) created by jmckenna
- I've recently been trying to compile zoo-kernel on win32 with MSVC …

Jun 2, 2011:

18:59 Changeset [224] by djay
Add the unistd.h header file for MSVC 2008 and use it from makefile.vc
18:34 Changeset [223] by djay
Thanks to Jeff for reporting this error.
00:54 Release/1.2.0 edited by djay
typo (diff)
00:34 Release/1.2.0 edited by djay

Jun 1, 2011:

23:55 Release/1.2.0 edited by djay
23:46 zoo-project-1.2.0-rc1.tar.bz2 attached to Release/1.2.0 by djay
ZOO-Project Release 1.2.0-rc1 tar
23:44 zoo-project-1.2.0-rc1.zip attached to Release/1.2.0 by djay
ZOO-Project Release 1.2.0-rc1
23:41 Release/1.2.0 created by djay
Add first release note
20:18 Changeset [222] by jmckenna
add mac os x install notes
17:29 Changeset [221] by djay
Tag release 1.2.0-rc1
17:13 Changeset [220] by djay
Remove doc from branch-1.2, waiting passing through release candidates …
12:26 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay
Remove redundancy (diff)
12:14 ZooWebSite/Footer edited by djay
12:13 ZooWebSite/Footer edited by djay
12:12 ZooWebSite/Footer edited by djay
07:01 Changeset [219] by nbozon
more ZOO Docs CSS fixes

May 31, 2011:

22:21 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/Installation edited by djay
16:44 Changeset [218] by nbozon
ZOO Docs CSS fixes
03:30 Changeset [217] by djay
Merge trunk r111:r216 into branch-1.2
03:13 Changeset [216] by djay
Add WIN32 platform support. Fix for values containing @ passed as KVP.

May 27, 2011:

23:56 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay

May 26, 2011:

18:36 Changeset [215] by jmckenna
add Debian / Ubuntu install instructions

May 25, 2011:

14:54 Changeset [214] by djay
Small fix for remote input data download checking for protocol …

May 19, 2011:

21:55 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
Fix SIG LL event as past event (diff)
19:21 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by lucadelu
some style corrections (diff)
19:03 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by lucadelu
add presentation in Prague (diff)

May 18, 2011:

23:14 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
English link (diff)
15:16 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet13 edited by venka
15:12 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet13 edited by venka
14:27 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet13 created by venka
14:24 PSC/meetings edited by venka

May 14, 2011:

13:24 ZooWebSite/Demo/FormToolsJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)
13:22 ZooWebSite/Demo/GdalProfileJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)
13:17 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)
13:16 ZooWebSite/Demo/SpatialToolsJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)

May 6, 2011:

21:32 Changeset [213] by jmckenna
minor change
21:20 Changeset [212] by jmckenna
add CentOS notes
20:24 Changeset [211] by jmckenna
add OpenSuse? notes
19:55 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
19:53 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
19:52 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
update for readability (diff)
19:41 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
18:55 Changeset [210] by jmckenna
add notes about libcgic step and warning
14:08 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
Add th official program page and add the fixed date for the talk. (diff)

May 5, 2011:

00:37 Ticket #26 (Need .mbox archive for zoo-discuss) created by jmckenna
- I'm in the process of creating a nabble.com forum for zoo-discuss - …
00:15 ZooWebSite/ZooKernel/InstallationNew edited by djay
Add section to compile libcgic to the compilation procedure for win32 … (diff)
00:02 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/Installation edited by djay
Add section about the libcgic section to the compilation procedure (diff)
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.


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