and .

Jul 16, 2011:

16:08 ZooWebSite/ZooKernel/Download edited by djay
Small fixes and add HTTPS informations. (diff)
16:03 ZooDevDocumentation created by djay
Add a short description on how to configure you https account.
15:53 Changeset [273] by nbozon
forgive us for the missing acknowledgements in /docs
15:27 Ticket #41 (Time&Date + comiter user name + revision # in every sphinx page) closed by nickboz
fixed: Added the svn:keywords everywhere where i found it was usefull I think …
15:26 Changeset [272] by nbozon
add keywords with svn propset
15:23 Changeset [271] by nbozon
svn keywords added to every file where it makes svn
15:10 Changeset [270] by nbozon
adding HeadURL
15:03 Changeset [269] by nbozon
test adding svn:keywords
14:47 Ticket #41 (Time&Date + comiter user name + revision # in every sphinx page) created by nickboz
Every sphinx page in ZOO-Docs should get the Date and ID of revision …
13:17 zoo-project-1.2.0-rc2.zip attached to Release/1.2.0 by djay
13:17 zoo-project-1.2.0-rc2.tar.bz2 attached to Release/1.2.0 by djay
13:16 Release/1.2.0 edited by djay
Fix typo (diff)
13:15 Release/1.2.0 edited by djay
add the 1.2.0-rc2 release candidate to the release page (diff)
12:58 Changeset [268] by djay
Merge branch-1.2 to current rev. 267. Tag release-1.2.0-rc2.
12:36 Changeset [267] by djay
Add test requests for embedded JSON and GML content. Thanks to Luca …
12:01 Ticket #40 (openlayers output) created by lucadelu
Add the possibility to have openlayers output the idea is instead …

Jul 15, 2011:

21:31 Changeset [266] by jmckenna
add workshop to quick links table
20:55 Changeset [265] by jmckenna
fix headings, to avoid the latex 'too deeply nested' errors during pdf …
20:37 Changeset [264] by jmckenna
move workshop into normal TOC
20:12 Changeset [263] by jmckenna
minor change to workshop description
20:03 Changeset [262] by jmckenna
fix formatting of workshop files
19:23 Changeset [261] by djay
Adding testing suite, in testing directory. Probalby change directory …
15:47 Changeset [260] by djay
Fix all identifier support.
11:50 Ticket #39 (Issue with Service running as background task in rc1) closed by djay
fixed: The solution was to close the saved_stdout, as we did before …
11:48 Ticket #39 (Issue with Service running as background task in rc1) created by djay
Using both storeExecuteResponse and status set to true in a WPS …
11:42 Ticket #38 (Red borders around ZCFG content in documentation) closed by djay
fixed: This should be solved by rev. 259. If anything was …
11:32 Changeset [259] by djay
Small fix for zcfg syntaxe hightlighting, small fixes some typos in JS doc.
11:25 Ticket #38 (Red borders around ZCFG content in documentation) created by djay
I noticed that in the original documentation content ( …

Jul 14, 2011:

22:23 Changeset [258] by djay
Close saved_stdout.
19:05 Changeset [257] by djay
Use OGR vsimem if gdal version >= 1.8.0 is available.
17:44 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
16:14 Ticket #37 (Issue when producing PDF output of the sphinx doc) created by djay
After integrating the 2010 workshop material as Restructured text in …
15:58 Changeset [256] by djay
Add the workshop 2010 material as Restructured text. Some issues with …
14:46 Changeset [255] by djay
Bug fix in shared memory gesture. Add test.sh shell script to run …

Jul 6, 2011:

23:09 Ticket #26 (Need .mbox archive for zoo-discuss) closed by jmckenna
fixed: We can now search the full mailing list archives through Nabble! …

Jun 30, 2011:

01:01 Changeset [254] by djay
Fixing session storage for fastcgi.

Jun 29, 2011:

13:21 Changeset [253] by djay
Fix FastCGI support. Small fix to store mapon disk and manage session. …
09:52 Changeset [252] by nmarco
fix output error

Jun 18, 2011:

00:11 Ticket #36 (Create zoo-demo package for MapServer) created by jmckenna
- in hopes of creating a zoo-demo package for MS4W, Gerald provided me …

Jun 17, 2011:

17:57 Changeset [251] by nbozon
corrected css errors
17:28 Changeset [250] by jmckenna
remove tutorial
17:11 Changeset [249] by nbozon
last small css fixes
16:40 Changeset [248] by jmckenna
add link to search mailing list
15:39 Ticket #35 (Trac notifications on IRC) created by lucadelu
Please add the Trac notification also on IRC channel, as other project …
15:14 Ticket #34 (support for W*S output) created by lucadelu
New feature to support WMS, WFS and WCS output

Jun 16, 2011:

23:42 Ticket #30 (Create documentation development guide) closed by jmckenna
fixed: - created ZOO doc development guide: …
23:16 Changeset [247] by jmckenna
fix index table
23:12 Changeset [246] by jmckenna
add documentation development guide
22:04 Changeset [245] by jmckenna
change depth of toc for pdf
21:48 Changeset [244] by jmckenna
change table for pdf output
21:33 Changeset [243] by jmckenna
modify author order
21:25 Changeset [242] by jmckenna
21:21 Ticket #32 (Separate the Installation doc into separate pages) closed by jmckenna
fixed: - install docs are now separated - …
21:19 Ticket #25 (Add libcgic compile step to official docs) closed by jmckenna
fixed: - added libcgic to prerequisites page in official docs: …
21:18 Ticket #33 (CSS tweak needed to handle long URLs) created by jmckenna
- see problem URL near bottom of this page: …
21:11 Changeset [241] by jmckenna
add pointer to prerequisites
20:55 Changeset [240] by jmckenna
separate install docs
19:41 Ticket #32 (Separate the Installation doc into separate pages) created by jmckenna
- the current file is very long: …
19:33 Changeset [239] by jmckenna
19:29 Changeset [238] by jmckenna
add irc and mailinglist instructions
19:18 Ticket #31 (Setup IRC channel bot for logs) created by jmckenna
- the zoo-project IRC channel needs a bot to generate logs, similar to …
18:29 Changeset [237] by jmckenna
18:22 Changeset [236] by jmckenna
add quicklinks
17:53 Ticket #30 (Create documentation development guide) created by jmckenna
- a page is needed describing the steps to install Sphinx, checkout …
17:29 Ticket #21 (Larger ZOO Banner image needed for PDF) closed by jmckenna
fixed: - replaced with 1000x400-300dpi image from …
16:26 Changeset [235] by jmckenna
use higher res image for the doc PDF
15:56 Changeset [234] by jmckenna
change title for the navigation bar
10:44 Changeset [233] by nbozon
some more sphinx css
08:32 Changeset [232] by nbozon
Add same bck gradient as in website (forgotten in previous commit)
08:20 Changeset [231] by nbozon
ZOO Docs Final Sphinx CSS polish
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.


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