and .

Sep 22, 2011:

15:00 Ticket #66 (Adding importScripts in JavaScript) closed by djay
fixed: Thanks a lot for this patch reluc, applied in rev. 336 !
14:59 Changeset [336] by djay
Add support for importScript javascript function
13:55 Ticket #66 (Adding importScripts in JavaScript) created by rldhont
To imporve the JavaScript? support and to have the hability to load …
13:52 Ticket #65 (--with-js needs symbolic link) created by rldhont
Compilation under : Ubuntu The ./configure --with-js get the …

Sep 20, 2011:

18:26 ZooWebSite/Photos edited by nickboz
17:52 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by nickboz
15:14 Ticket #54 (implementation of an information handling wps x, z) closed by nickboz

Sep 19, 2011:

13:11 Ticket #64 (Updating ZOO.Class object) created by rldhont
Updating ZOO.Class object with the OpenLayers?.CLass methods of OL 2.11
13:06 Ticket #63 (Re-add proj4js to the js api) created by rldhont
Just comme back to the first version of ZOO-proj4js.js

Sep 18, 2011:

02:49 Changeset [335] by djay
Fix name of user which commit things (unable to use 1046 port to go …
02:46 Changeset [334] by root
Add the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index service.

Sep 15, 2011:

15:55 PSC/meetings edited by venka
15:54 PSC/meetings edited by venka
15:52 PSC/meetings edited by venka
15:50 PSC/meetings edited by venka

Sep 14, 2011:

21:43 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Photos edited by nickboz
21:42 IMG_0714.jpg attached to ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Photos by nickboz
21:38 IMG_0714.JPG attached to ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Photos by nickboz
21:37 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Photos edited by nickboz
21:35 IMG_0669.JPG attached to ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Photos by nickboz
21:33 IMG_0685.JPG attached to ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Photos by nickboz
21:31 IMG_0002.JPG attached to ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Photos by nickboz

Sep 12, 2011:

08:53 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet15 created by nickboz

Sep 9, 2011:

04:43 Changeset [333] by djay
Small update to support similar outputs for JavaScript? services as …

Sep 8, 2011:

13:43 Changeset [332] by djay
Print the last message of Python backtrace first.

Sep 2, 2011:

23:20 Changeset [331] by djay
Add the multi-part request support.

Sep 1, 2011:

10:59 Changeset [330] by djay
Fix typo.

Aug 29, 2011:

23:01 Changeset [329] by djay
Store metapath even for POST requests. Correct load of js when …

Aug 26, 2011:

15:53 Changeset [328] by djay
Fix bug #62. Use the same data structure in JS as in Python. Fix again …
15:35 Ticket #62 (Problem chaining WPS calls) created by nickboz
Problem chaining WPS calls reported by Asger ZOO has problems if I …
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