and .

Apr 10, 2015:

23:19 Changeset [626] by djay
Remove memory leak in parser_request.
23:12 Changeset [625] by djay
Fix in JS ZOO-API for accessing reference(s).
20:02 Changeset [624] by djay
Fix for python support.

Apr 9, 2015:

18:33 Changeset [623] by djay
Fix issue when adding map with size in a map array.
06:15 Changeset [622] by djay
Avoid issue with declaration in loop.
05:23 Changeset [621] by djay
Major update. Creation of a basic parsing api. Call validateRequest …

Apr 3, 2015:

15:38 Changeset [620] by djay
Small fix for CDATA content. ExceptionReport? if lock failed.

Mar 30, 2015:

14:42 Changeset [619] by djay
Fix issue with OTB multiple inputs potentially encoded in base64.

Mar 28, 2015:

06:54 ZooWebSite/2015/Welcome edited by nickboz
06:47 ZooWebSite/2015/Welcome edited by nickboz
00:58 Changeset [618] by djay
Fix for OTB support when input was passed by value rather than reference.

Mar 24, 2015:

12:23 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay

Mar 19, 2015:

13:35 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/ZOO-Services edited by nickboz
13:34 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/ZOO-Services edited by nickboz
10:01 Changeset [617] by david
commit of partial async queue process management

Mar 16, 2015:

09:19 Changeset [616] by david
add sql schema for status management
09:08 Changeset [615] by david
add amqp queue management
09:07 Changeset [614] by david
add licence

Mar 13, 2015:

15:24 Changeset [613] by djay
Fix typo and update the Java part of the documentation.
09:51 Changeset [612] by djay
Fix issue for building the libZOO.so from the Java ZOO-API
07:39 ZooWebSite/2015/Menu/Resources/Media edited by nickboz

Mar 12, 2015:

15:45 Changeset [611] by djay
Small fix for Java configuration.
15:04 ZooWebSite/2015/Menu/Code/ToolsLinks edited by nickboz
15:03 ZooWebSite/2015/Menu/Code/Tools edited by nickboz
15:03 ZooWebSite/2015/Menu/Code/ToolsIcns edited by nickboz
14:54 ZooWebSite/2015/Menu/Code/Tools edited by nickboz
14:54 ZooWebSite/2015/Menu/Code/Tools edited by nickboz
14:40 ZooWebSite/2015/Menu/Get involved/Contribute edited by nickboz
14:31 Changeset [610] by djay
Fix keywords.
14:28 Changeset [609] by djay
Fix typo.
14:25 Changeset [608] by djay
Add Doxygen documentation configuration file and index.
12:33 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/ZOO-Kernel edited by nickboz
12:32 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/ZOO-Kernel edited by nickboz
11:56 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by djay
typos (diff)
11:52 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
typo (diff)
11:50 Web/Menu/ZOO Project edited by djay
11:50 Web/Menu/ZOO ProjectLinks edited by djay
11:49 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay
11:47 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay
03:14 Changeset [607] by djay
Introduce the Process Profiles Registry with its documentation.

Mar 11, 2015:

11:55 Changeset [606] by david
fix leak
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