and .

Jan 29, 2017:

21:05 Changeset [816] by djay
Merge branch-1.6 and rel-1.6.0 from trunk
20:39 Ticket #146 (zoo-services installation path) created by sebastic
The .zo zoo-services get installed in /usr/lib/cgi-bin alongside …
20:19 Ticket #145 (Patch to set appropriate permissions for symbols.sym) closed by djay
fixed: I have committed the requested changes in r815. I am waiting before …
20:17 Changeset [815] by djay
Fixing issue #145
20:13 Ticket #145 (Patch to set appropriate permissions for symbols.sym) created by sebastic
In addition to the patch from #143, an additional change is required …
20:09 Ticket #144 (Patch to fix main.cfg creation by configure.) closed by djay
fixed: Thanks a lot for your feedbacks and sorry for this mistake. This …
20:08 Ticket #143 (Patch to fix symbols.sym installation) closed by djay
fixed: This should now be fixed (r813) and also in the current archive for …
20:05 Changeset [814] by djay
Merge small changes to branch-1.6 and tag-1.6.0
20:02 Changeset [813] by djay
Fixing #143 and #144.
19:52 Ticket #144 (Patch to fix main.cfg creation by configure.) created by sebastic
The changes in r801 make main.cfg into a template, but configure.ac is …
18:50 Ticket #143 (Patch to fix symbols.sym installation) created by sebastic
The changes from r811 contain a typo in the symbols.sym creation …
15:35 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
15:34 Release/1.6.0/Notes edited by djay
15:31 Changeset [812] by djay
Merge branch-1.6 with trunk and create the tag for the 1.6.0 release
15:23 Changeset [811] by djay
Generate main.cfg SHAREDSTATEDIR as dataPath. Small modifications to …

Jan 26, 2017:

00:00 Changeset [810] by transifex
Transifex auto-update …

Jan 23, 2017:

09:44 Changeset [809] by djay
Add the java-rpath to the configure options.

Jan 22, 2017:

18:25 Release/1.6.0/Notes edited by djay
18:17 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
18:16 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
18:15 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
18:14 Release/1.6.0/Notes edited by djay
18:11 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
18:04 Changeset [808] by djay
Created tag for the 1.6.0-rc2 release
17:56 Changeset [807] by djay
Merge trunk into branch-1.6
17:44 Changeset [806] by djay
Fix typo in doc.
17:32 Changeset [805] by djay
Return default iotype if no value has been provided. Fix potential …

Jan 21, 2017:

12:57 Changeset [804] by djay
Temporary fix for ITK 4.10 and OTB >=5.4.

Jan 19, 2017:

15:02 Changeset [803] by djay
Fix issue when building with OTB version upper or equal to 5.8.0.

Jan 16, 2017:

23:15 Changeset [802] by djay
Fix issue with embedded xml values for WPS 2.0.0.

Jan 15, 2017:

14:32 Downloads2 edited by djay
14:31 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
14:30 Downloads2 edited by djay
14:30 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
14:29 Downloads2 edited by djay
14:18 Changeset [801] by djay
Created branch/tags for the 1.6.0-rc1 release
14:12 Changeset [800] by djay
Set version number.
14:06 Release/1.6.0/Notes created by djay
12:22 Changeset [799] by djay
Add the php7 support in the HISTORY.txt file

Jan 12, 2017:

12:00 Changeset [798] by djay
Replace and by && for building on windows platforms.

Jan 10, 2017:

17:21 Changeset [797] by djay
Return an ExceptionReport? in case any inpts failed to be downloaded.
16:11 Changeset [796] by knut
Added documentation for the [include] section and libPath parameter of …
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