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ZOO-Project OSGeo Code Sprint 213 Plan

Dealing with OSGeo Incubation Process

I would like to follow the next steps for the OSGeo Incubation. Indeed I think this will be a real asset for making the project better by learning from other exeprience and knowledge in Open Source software. I think that now it is also time for the ZOO-Project to make sure we didn't do anything wrong with our licences or lack any in any parts.

Embedding version number / revision

It may be great for third party software to know whith which version of the ZOO-Kernel it is dealing with. Indeed, many software are providing such version information but not ZOO-Kernel so we should probably fixe this by adding the capability to display version info from various languages (first hich come to my mind are the most used : C, Python, JavaScript? and JAVA).

Fixing tickets by priority

Double check individualy all the tickets again to make sure some are not becoming obsolete. Maybe the ticket about W*S work sponsored by Fundazione Edmund Mach should probably be integrated into the documentation.

One important ticket is the one provided by Luca #75 which mention one problem that ZOO-Service developper are familliar with and can bypass by using the inRequest attribute. Nevertheless, I think it may be a real enhancement to remove the value for not provided inputs or set it to None in case of Python language. Anyway, I think that this won't hurt and may be more convenient for developer which simply have to ensure that the key "value" is present in the map or not.

It may be a great idea to come back to the patch provided by Farkas for enhencing the cache mechanism and make it able to use proxy.

Cleaning code / improving

I will spend my days working on ZOO-Project so I will try to fix some part of the code to make it more easy to use and more safe if needed.

Investigate the "Program wrapper" mechanisms

I think that it may be usefull in many cases to not have to modify the source code of some programs as they evolve along the time and ti may become difficult to follow each version of te software. So one solution may be to use a wrapper for the program which will be loaded from the C ZOO-Service

Integrating the work made for C# Services

6 months ago I got a Mono embedded working from the ZOO-Kernel on my linux platform. So this code sprint may be the right place to finish this work and publish the C# support expected for so long.

Improve documentation

Luca would like to see an improving in the ZOO documentation and he could work on it remotely. The topics that could be improved are:

  • Mapserver output (starting from #34)
  • More about how to create services (Luca will work on Python service)
  • Internal proprieties like env, lenv, for example how to use cookies
  • Review the installation procedure

to be continued...


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