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PSC meeting 10

The PSC meeting will be held on in the #zoo-project channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.


17 January 2011, 12:00:00 UTC time


  • ZOO 1.2.0 release status
  • Launching ZOO Sponsorship Plan
  • ZOO New Web Site Feedback


7 PSC members attended the meeting.

Agenda 1: ZOO 1.2.0 release status

  • Nick pointed out the on-going work using the Timeline link
  • Gerald gave an overview of the recent and numerous improvements of ZOO-Kernel
    • Remove memory leaks (link)
    • BBOX data support (link)
    • Add JIT compilator support and improved the Java support in ZOO-Kernel
    • Input/Output binaries support for C, Java and Python
    • ZOO API code and documentation improved
  • Members discussed about the GRASS support for the ZOO 1.2 release
    • Venka said that the GRASS support is challenging and slowing the release. He also pointed out that after the november tests in Japan, some of the vector modules worked.
    • Gerald said that the GRASS7 bridge should be ok after the recent improvements with binary support
    • Nick said some more testing are needed on both vector and raster GRASS modules using Soeren's WPS-Bridge
    • Markus installed GRASS7 on the official ZOO server to make tests possible. He also said that Luca can help with the GRASS support.
  • Members agreed that the date of the ZOO 1.2 release must be discussed and fixed by email.

Agenda 2: Launching ZOO Sponsorship Plan

  • Jeff and Markus provided feedbacks on how the sponsorship is managed in other projects.
  • Members agreed that an official call for sponsors on zoo-dicuss and osgeo-dicusss was not needed.
  • Members agreed that the ZOO PSC Chair must send email to existing sponsors about their annual sponsorship 'renewal'
  • Gerald said he wants the GeoLabs? sponsorship money to be spent for the Montreal code sprint (2 ZOO people venue)
  • Nick said that depending the sponsorship plan success, some money should be spent to improve ZOO Documentation
  • Members agreed that the ZOO Sponsorship money can be spent at the discretion of the PSC Chair up to 500€, then the PSC need to be consulted.
  • ZOO sponsorship levels and PayPal? account were recalled

Agenda 3: ZOO New Web Site Feedback

  • Members gave good feedback on the general layout, trac and demos
  • Members talked about some problems remaining on the website (browser support, fluidity of the ui depending on the resolution screen...)
  • Members agreed that the copyright should be updated to 2010-2011 in both ZOO Website and ZOO trunk files.

Meeting closed.


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