PSC meeting 14

The PSC meeting was held on in the #zoo-project channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.


20 July 2011, 13:00:00 UTC time


  • ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0rc2 release
  • ZOO-Docs release status
  • Preparations for ZOO-Workshop at FOSS4G2011
  • Quick report from Gérald about Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) sponsored ZOO development
  • Report on WPS Benchmarking progress for FOSS4G2011
  • Add more


The PSC meeting was held on in the irc:// channel, on 2011 july 20th.

7 ZOO-PSC members attended this meeting (M. Cannata, G. Fenoy, H. Hayashi D. Kast, J McKenna?, M. Neteler, V. Raghavan).

Action items:

  • jmckenna: add a note in the PSC guidelines about the RFCs
  • djay: publish and announce 1.2.0-rc3

IRC logs.


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