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    11= PSC meeting 17 =
    3 The PSC meeting will be on in the  #zoo-project channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.
     3The PSC meeting was held on Skype.
    55== Date ==
    1717== Summary ==
     18The PSC meeting was held skype on September 13th 2012 at [ at,  13:00 UTC]
    19 To be added
     207 ZOO-PSC members attended this meeting (Daniel , Gerald, Hayashi, Jeff, Markus, Nicolas, Venka).
     22 * Agenda 1: ZOO-Project Status
     24a)      Gerald mentioned new release of ZOO-Kernel is almost there.
     25b)      The new Kernel release will include .NET (C# support) support for coding services
     26c)      mapserver+javascript+python support included in the new ZOO-kernel and also successfully working on Win32 and Win64 would need some more time and effort
     27d)      New way of developing GRASS7 based processes is also in the works and more details will be discussed on the mailing list
     28e)      Venka mentioned about some requests for ZOO-Training from Vietnam and India. He also suggested to have ZOO-Trainers (train-the-trainer) kind of workshop when updated ZOO-Kernel package us released.
     30* Agenda 2: ZOO-Project OSGeo incubation Process status
     32a)      Not much progress with incubation as yet. Need to follow-up (Nicolas and Gerald) with Incubation Committee and also mentor (FrankW) and also explore possibility to have an additional mentor if that could help in speeding up the incubation process.
     33b)      The OSGeo Website still mentions "ZOO-Project" as only Zoo and the links is to OSGeo Live-DVD ( instead of Need to be fixed and Jeff agreed to take up on this matter with OSGeo IncoM
     35* Agenda item 3) ZOO-Project release plan 4) ZOO-Project packaging were related discussions made under items 1 and 2 above.
     36a)      Venka proposed Gerald to send draft release plan on the PSC ML and all PSC members present at the meeting voted +1 for Gerald to prepare and send the plan including packaging details to PSC ML.
     38* Agenda item 5) Proposal from Venka about inviting Angelos to the ZOO-PSC. The proposal to be voted on the PSC ML
     40* Agenda item 6) Next PSC meeting scheduled for October 10th 2012 22:00UTC
     42* Meeting closed


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