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PSC meeting 18

The PSC meeting will be on in the #zoo-project channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.


Monday, 16 November 2015 at, 13:00 UTC


  • ZOO-Project presentation status (including MapMint?)
  • Future plans (new website, priorities etc)
  • others


The main points which were discussed during this meeting was:

  • release of ZOO-1.6 in early 2016
  • ZOO-1.6 will support Mapserver 7.
  • GDAL 2.0 will be supported in future releases after other packages like SAGA start supporting them, some implementation to support both versions at the same time will be investigated
  • ZOO-Website will be updated before 15 Dec 2015. Nick will be the leader. Please volunteer to help
  • MapMint will be displayed in ZOO-Project site and will be a part of the ZOO-Project Suite in the future.
  • ZOO-Discuss and ZOO-PSC ML will also be used for MM
  • MapMint documentation. Nick, Venka and need more volunteers

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