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PSC meeting 19

The PSC meeting will be held face to face at FOSS4G-Europe in Bremen, Germany.

Proposed Time and Date

Friday, 18 July 2014 at, 11:00 UTC


  • Upcoming ZOO 1.4 release (new features and changesets by Gerald)
  • 1.4 in 2014, 1.5 in 2015, Let us follow the years to release peacefully
  • About PSC meetings (every three months in 2015 ?))
  • Call for Sponsors 2014 (who,when,how much)
  • Plans for new a ZOO website giving better information and docs
  • Translation efforts using transifex (?)
  • Add your ideas


This PSC meeting was held face to face on Friday, 18 July 2014 during the FOSS4G Europe conference in Bremen.

  • Introduction and proposed agenda items by Venka.
  • Detailed report on ZOO 1.4 new features by Gérald.
  • Motion to retire Satoshi SEKIGUCHI from the PSC was accepted by every members.
  • Motion to add Angelos TZOTSOS to the ZOO PSC was accepted by every members.
  • Discussions initiated by Venka on ZOO Case Studies that should be shown/detailed on the website (MapMint? as an example).
  • Discussions between Maria, Angelos and Gerald about Image Processing libs from IGN (for stochastic optimization based on reversible jump monte carlo markov chains coupled with simulated annealing, see ref for more info ref), and also about possibilities with Orfeo Toolbox.
  • Discussions about packaging and documentation efforts that may still needed
  • Explanations about plans for the new ZOO website by Nicolas
  • End of meeting.


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