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PSC meeting 21

The PSC meeting will be held on IRC

Time and Date

Thursday, 12th November 2020 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM


  • Short presentation of the ongoing developments in the ZOO-Project,
  • Next steps in the incubation process and organisation of a sprint,
  • Possibility to use the Variable Naming section of the gdal RFC 8 for the ZOO-Kernel source code and integration in the documentation,
  • Documentation effort especially about the new components using websocketd and services (not WPS) associated to the OGC API - Processes HTML UI,
  • Migration of the current server to other services, for exemple using GitHub in place of Subversion for source code versioning system.
  • Propose integration of new member in the PSC,
  • Plan budget request for the next year.
  • Schedule next PSC meeting.


Meeting started at 2:03 with Venka as meeting chair, no-one has taken the role of scribing.

A presentation of current ongoing developments has been made by djay, mainly about the OGC API - Processes implementation that was briefly introduced with help of jmckenna. The announcement of participation in PHIDIAS-HPC project has ben made and rebirth of 2015 ideas using rabbitmq for messaging between multiple ZOO-Kernel versions. Despite the fact that the OGC API - Processes is still under development, djay will come back in the coming weeks to propose a release plan.

Motion 1: djay to come up with plan for new release by the end of Nov, 2020. Votes: djay, venka, jmckenna: +1

Motion 2: Gerald to take part in upcoming sprint Votes: djay, venka, jmckenna, nbozon, kalxas[m]: +1

Motion 3: Prepare test suite linked with Github move Votes: djay: +1

Motion 4: djay and jmckenna come up with incubation plan by end of nov. 2020 Votes: venka, jmckenna, djay, kalxas[m]: +1

Motion 5: Use Variable Naming section of the gdal ​RFC 8 for ZOO-Kernel source code Votes: venka, djay, jmckenna, kalxas[m], nbozon: +1

Motion 6: Take up OGC API related documentation in 2021 after getting ZOO-Project incubated Votes: venka, djay, jmckenna, kalxas[m]: +1

Motion 7: propose new PSC members (after confirming) by end of Nov. 2020 Votes: venka, djay, jmckenna, kalxas[m], nbozon: +1

Motion 8: djay to prepare draft budget after upcoming code sprint Votes: venka, djay, jmckenna, kalxas[m], nbozon: +1

Date for the next PSC meeting: 2020-11-12 same time.

Motion 9: end of 2020-11-12 PSC meeting Votes: venka, djay, jmckenna: +1


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