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    11= PSC meeting 7 =
    3 The PSC meetings occur through IRC on in the #zoo-project channel
     3The PSC meetings was held on in the #zoo-project channel
    55== Date ==
    7 20 October 2010, 13:00
     720 October 2010, 13:00 till 14:45 UTC
    99== Agenda ==
    1515* Using OSGeo infrastructure (SVN, Trac, mailing lists, etc.)
    1616* Time and date for next meeting
    17 * Please add
    1918== Summary ==
     19'''DRAFT Version (23 October 2010)'''
     21'''Date&Time'''  20th Oct, 2010. 13:00 till 14:45 UTC Members: Nicolas BOZON, Maria BROVELLI, Massimiliano CANNATA, Gerald FENOY, Hirofumi HAYASHI, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Daniel KASTL, Jeff McKENNA, Markus NETELER were present at the meeting. Satoshi SEKIGUCHI was not present at the meeting.
     23Gerald volunteered to be the Chair for the meeting.
     25'''Agenda 1)''' ZOO Kernel recent improvements and release plans
     27PSC members were briefed by Gerald and Nicolas about recent improvements/enhancements of the ZOO-Kernel. Briefly the
     28enhancements are; Perl support, improved error management,
     29MS-Windows Build in the works, ZOO Kernel running as an
     30XPCOM component, cleaner code, minimized memory leaks.
     31A draft ZOO-kernel Roadmap describing priorities and goals over
     32the period of next 12 months will be prepared by Gerald on ZOO-Wiki
     33and provided to PSC as RFC document. The roadmap will be approved
     34by vote on PSC mailing list before the next PSC meeting on
     35Nov. 2010. 
     37'''Agenda 2)'''  ZOO Sponsorship plan and paypal account
     39PSC members will provide comments about draft sponsorship
     40plan available at
     41The deadline for comments is 1st November 2010. It was decided
     42to have PayPal account to operate sponsorship funds. Gerald
     43to create PayPal account. Alternative arrangements for
     44fund management may be considered in the future.
     46POLIMI and SUPSI agreed to become new Knowledge Partners for
     47ZOO-Project and encourage research using ZOO at their respective
     50'''Agenda 3)''' ZOO Workshop simplification and translation.
     51Improvements in FOSS4G2010 workshop material including
     52progress internationalization and translation were reported.
     53Progress with Japanese and Italian translation. Workshop
     54material with localized data and language support will be
     55made available for ZOO Workshop at FOSS4G2010 in Tokyo/Osaka
     56in Nov 2010.
     58'''Agenda 4)''' OSGEo infrastructure use/not use
     60Jeff to prepare RFC about migration to OSGeo infrastructure and
     61also ZOO incubation in OSGeo. RFC to be prepared before the
     62November 2010 PSC meeting and discussed at the meeting.
     64'''Agenda 5)''' ZOO Website
     66Nick proposed mid-December 2010 as timeline for ZOO Web-Site
     67renewal, enhancements etc. Demos with international data and
     68improved documentation to be added in the renewed website.
     70'''Agenda 4)''' Next meeting Schedule
     72Date&Time to be decided on PSC ML.
     74Gerald moved motion to close the meeting. The motion was accepted and the meeting was closed.


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