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    1515* Grant SVN write access to Soeren Gebbert
    1616* Add more
    1718== Summary ==
    18 To be completed
     19*Only 4 PSC members attended this meeting so no vote could be organized. However, we decided to go through the agenda items and to continue discussion via the wiki if necessary.
     21*ZOO Kernel roadmap
     22All members agreed on the roadmap items. Some vote should be organized soon about the proposed features and dates. PSC needs to vote on features and dates.
     23The roadmap work has been put in the following page:
     26*ZOO Presentations and WS in Beinjing, China
     27Venka reported that ZOO was weel received anf that CUMTB has expressed interest in using ZOO and becoming a ZOO knowledge partner.
     28Some help can probably be provided for chinese translation of the WS and of .po files.
     30* ZOO [wiki:Sponsorship] Plan page
     31Every PSC member attenting the meeting agreed on the sponsoship levels and Paypal account transactions. Modifications can be done in the future. The Sponsorship plan needs to be launched via zoo-discuss soon.
     33* ZOO Web site update
     34Nick reported that gerald and him are working on new website template for better browser compatibility and more fluid layout. will be updated in the coming days.
     36* Grant SVN write access to Soeren Gebbert
     37Every PSC member attenting the meeting agreed that a vote for SVN access to Soeren G. must be organized soon.
     39* Time & Date for next meeting
     40To be defined.


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