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ZOO-Project version 1.3.0 release notes

ZOO-Project 1.3.0 release notes

  • Updating ZOO.Class object with the OpenLayers.Class Updating ZOO.Class with the (ticket #64)
  • Correct the content of proj4js (ticket #63)
  • Enhance the COOKIE gesture (ticket #68)
  • Support for dataInputs URLEncoded and xlink:href (ticket #62)
  • Use the same object structure for JavaScript arguments than for Python
  • Add the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index service
  • Add importScripts function to JavaScript support (ticket #66)
  • Add multiple inputs values for the same identifier (ticket #72)
  • Add Python ZOO-API to access ZOO-Kernel internel functions
  • Add a [headers] section in main.cfg file to add specifics to header returned
  • Add support for multiple outputs for both GET and POST requests
  • Add Content-Length to the headers if the result is sized
  • Add Content-Disposition to the headers if the result contains a filename
  • Add support for sending headers through JS ZOO-api
  • Add support for multi-valued inputs in JS ZOO-api
  • Fixing issue about invalid status document #73
  • Add Python-3.3.0 support
  • Update documentation
  • Add MapServer W*S Support documentation #34


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