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     1= ZOO-Project 1.7.0-rc1 release notes =
     3This new ZOO-Project release contains new features and fixes,including two brand new supports: R language and HPC.
     5For people familiar with the ZOO-Project the R language will be very easy to use for developers willing to develop their services in R language only. For more information about this new support, please refer to [ the official documentation].
     7On the other hand, the HPC support is something totally new in the ZOO-Project ecosystem. Usually, the ZOO-Kernel is handling the execution of a service on its own but, using this HPC support,  it is now possible to execute asynchronously WPS services using a remote scheduler. This support has been implemented to support Slurm as the remote scheduler and the communication with the host is made using SSH.
     9== Upgrade notes: ==
     11A specific `memory` parameter has been added to the `main.cfg` file. With it, you can now decide if you want every input data to be loaded in memory or to be stored as files. For information about this option, please refer to [ the official documentation].
     13A specific `[metadb]` section can be added to the `main.cfg` file to search for WPS Services metadata in a database. For more information about this support, please refer to [ the official documentation].
     15== New Features and Fixes ==
     17  * Fix issue with UOM definitions in zcfg2sql
     18  * Make callback and HPC support independent from each other
     19  * Update SAGA-GIS support to version 7.2.0
     20  * Add support for custom !MapServer style definition for raster output
     21  * Fix returned bbox definition #170
     22  * Store semaphore status in lenv section for future deletion
     23  * Update Windows support to newer compiler
     24  * Fix issue with !UpdateStatus function from the Mono ZOO-API
     25  * Add logging functionality and other utility functions to the C-API
     26  * Return an exception for every output for which nb_pixel or
     27  nb_features is 0
     28  * Add a shared key to the security section to differentiate the
     29  referenced data
     30  * Add !MapServer output style definition depending on the geometry
     31  type
     32  * Add ogr.tindex service
     33  * Add support for literaldata input arrays and to call services
     34  asyncrhonously from the !JavaScript ZOO-API   
     35  * Expose a sleep function to the !JavaScript ZOO-API
     36  * Provide FinalizeHPC and FinalizeHPC1 services using scontrol and
     37  sacct respectively 
     38  * Store md5sum of the cached file (so, local to the WPS server) to
     39  compare before uploading (if different md5sum) on the HPC server
     40  * Add support for R language
     41  * Add support for using "file://"  for referenced data input
     42  * Add an optional ecookie key for returning third-party cookies
     43  * Fix issue when parsing BoundingBox input #163
     44  * Add memory key to the main section to force the ZOO-Kernel to load
     45  data into memory or use local file
     46  * Add the dialect input to the ogr2ogr service
     47  * Store the list of generated mapfiles in a file (cf !DeleteData service)
     48  * Define the correct MS_IMAGEMODE in the generated mapfile
     49  * Option to use !MapServer support to publish heatmap
     50  * Add status_code key to the lenv for setting Status HTTP response header
     51  * Add the Creation Option inputs to the Gdal_Dem service
     52  * Add prohibited key in the callback section to define a list of
     53  services not requiring any invocation
     54  * Produce zcfg for OTB applications using the correct default pixel type
     55  * Add asynchronous callback invocation to send information about
     56  the ongoing services to a third-party software
     57  * Add mapsToJson, mapsToJson, and elementsToJson to the API
     58  * Provide a zcfg2sql tool to convert a zcfg metadata file to SQL script
     59  * Add support to store service metadata information into a database
     60  * Add HPC Support for remote execution of SBATCH scripts through Slurm
     61  * Add cookie reference to _HINTERNET
     62  * Support headers for GET requests from the js ZOO-API
     63  * Pass all headers listed in the attributes parameter from the
     64  [security] section to the hosts listed in the hosts parameter of the
     65  same section (ticket #139)


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