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     1'''Sponsoring ZOO-Project'''
     3Development and maintenance of ZOO-Project is supported by volunteer
     4time and also organizations contracting developers, organizations
     5contributing improvements, users contributing improvements, and volunteers.
     7Many tasks such processing bug reports, writing documentation, testing,
     8translations, web site updates and user support often require more than
     9purely volunteer effort and time. Some new features of broad interest
     10are not implemented because of they may not be the immediate priority of
     13In order to provide funding to support the maintenance, improvement, and
     14promotion of ZOO-Project, the Project Steering Committee (PSC) is
     15seeking sponsors to provide financial support via the ZOO-Project
     16Sponsorship program. Funds will be held by the PSC and disbursed at the
     17discretion of the ZOO-Project PSC.
     19Sponsorship should not be seen as a way to control the development of
     20the project directly, but rather a way of ensuring the longevity and
     21overall health of the project, by funding work that is regarded as vital
     22but otherwise undersupported by the contributions of core-developers.
     24'''Sponsorship Uses'''
     26The primary intended use of the sponsorship funds is to hire a
     27maintainer on a contract basis. The responsibilities would include:
     29 * Addressing bug reports - reproducing then fixing or passing on to another developer.
     30 * Extending programming language support, and running the compliance
     31  tests for international standards.
     32 * Improving and translation documentation.
     33 * Other improvements to the ZOO software as well also related
     34  libraries and software.
     35 * General user support on the mailing list.
     37Sponsorship funds may also be used to contract for specific improvements
     38to ZOO-Project, provision of resources such as web hosting, funding code
     39sprints, or funding project promotion.
     41'''Sponsorship Benefits'''
     42Sponsoring ZOO-Project provides the following benefits:
     44  * Ensures the sustainability and health of the ZOO project.
     45  * All sponsors will be listed on the project Credits page, ordered by contribution class (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) with a link back to the sponsor.
     46  * Sponsors will be permitted to indicate they are project sponsors in web and other promotional materials, and use the ZOO-Project logo.
     47  * Sponsor input on project focus and direction will be solicited via a survey.
     48 * Sponsors will received a degree of priority in processing of bug reports by any maintainer hired with sponsorship funds.
     49 * Sponsors will receive a detailed report annually on the use of sponsorship funds.
     51'''Sponsorship Process'''
     52Sponsors can sponsor ZOO for any amount of money of at least 500 Euro. At or above the following levels a sponsor will be designated as being
     53one of the following class:
     55 * 1000+ Euro: Platinum Sponsor
     56 * 2000+ Euro: Gold Sponsor
     57 * 1000+ Euro: Silver Sponsor
     58 * 500 + Euro: Bronze Sponsor
     60Sponsorships last one year, after which they may be continuing with a
     61new payment, or allowed to lapse.
     63Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring the ZOO project
     64should contact PSC Chair (gerald.fenoy at, +33 670-082539)
     65with questions, or to make arrangements.


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