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Welcome to the Trac platform of the Zoo Project

SVN Repository

To download the lastest repository of this project use the following command :

 # svn checkout svn+ssh:// zoo

Project Team

The current registered users are :

  • René-Luc D'Hont (aka reluc),
  • Nicolas Bozon (aka nicboz),
  • Jeff McKenna (aka jmckenna),
  • Venkatesh Raghavan (aka venka),
  • Bernd Deckert (aka bernd),
  • Gérald Fenoy (aka djay),
  • David Saggiorato (aka david),
  • Michael Douchin (aka kimaidou).

Click here if you want to contact everybody in this list.

Mailing List



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ZOO meeting n°2 report

ZOO first dev objectives (nov/dec 2008)

ZOO Client description

ZOO Server description


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