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Welcome to the ZOO project

ZOO is an open source WPS (Web Processing Service) compliant web GIS platform, licensed under an MIT-style license. The ZOO platform is made of two parts: ZOO-Kernel?, a powerful and extensible server-side C engine which makes it possible creating, managing and chaining geoprocessing operations, and Z00-Client?, a Javascript webmapping API designed to communicate with the ZOO-Kernel inputs/outputs.

ZOO-Kernel is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and a modular approach. It offers geoprocessing modules and supports numerous vector, raster and database formats. Any geoprocessing module can be codded in C, Python, JAVA, Fortran, PHP, JavaScript? or Perl and directly added to the ZOO Service Provider list.

IRC Channel

The channel has been created to get direct contact with developers of the zoo.

SVN Repository

To download the lastest repository of this project use the following command :

svn checkout zoo

If you get a ZOO Developer account you can use the following command :

svn checkout svn+ssh:// zoo

Project Team

The current registered users on the ZOO Trac System are the following :

  • René-Luc D'Hont (aka rldhont),
  • Nicolas Bozon (aka nicboz),
  • Jeff McKenna (aka jmckenna),
  • Venkatesh Raghavan (aka venka),
  • Bernd Deckert (aka bernd),
  • Gérald Fenoy (aka djay),
  • David Saggiorato (aka david),
  • Daisuke Yoshida (aka daisuke),
  • Guillaume Sueur (aka guillaume),
  • Xianfeng SONG (aka song),
  • Frank Warmerdam (aka FrankW),
  • Hirofumi Hayashi (aka hayashi),
  • Soeren Gebbert (aka soeren),
  • Markus Netler (aka markusn).

Click here if you want to contact everybody in this list.

Mailing List

curently subscribed users : ZOODiscussMailingListUserList (thanks to add yourself to this list if your name isn't mentioned in this page and you're already subscribed)

subscribe here :


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