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ZOO-Project 2013 SOC Ideas

Enter ideas for development projects here. Note these are just suggestions - students are welcome to propose projects based on their own interests that relate to the ZOO-Project. Our current efforts are based on the following projects:

You can find the source code, tutorials, the project mailing list and various other information at the links above.

To give you an idea about possible SoC projects, here are some suggestions:

ZOO-Kernel related ideas


ZOO-API related ideas


ZOO-Service related ideas


Other ideas


Lots of other options

There are a lot of other possibilities that we would be happy to discuss with any students interested. Best you contact us on the ZOO-Discuss mailing list:

Mentor Candidates

The following individuals are potentially willing to serve as ZOO-Project mentors or co-mentors.

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