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What is WPS ?

Web Processing Service

The OpenGIS® Web Processing Service (WPS) Interface Standard provides rules for standardizing inputs and outputs (requests and responses) for geospatial processing services. The standard also defines how a client can request the execution of a process, and how the output from the process is handled.

Web Processing Service


WPS defines a standardized interface that facilitates the publishing of geospatial processes, and the discovery and binding to those processes by client applications. Processes' include any algorithm, calculation or model that operates on spatially referenced data. 'Publishing' means making available machine readable binding information as well as human readable metadata that allows service discovery and use.

WPS can be configured to offer any sort of GIS functionality to clients across a network, including access to pre-programmed calculations and/or computation models that operate on spatially referenced data. A WPS may offer calculations as simple as subtracting one set of spatially referenced numbers from another, or as complicated as an environnemntal model. The data required by the WPS can be delivered across a network, or available at the server.

OpenGIS® WPS 1.0.0 specification

The WPS interface specification provides mechanisms to identify the spatially referenced data required by the calculation, initiate the calculation, and manage the output from the calculation so that the client can access it. This Web Processing Service is targeted at processing both vector and raster data.

The WPS specification is designed to allow a service provider to expose a web accessible process in a way that allows clients to input data and execute the process with no specialized knowledge of the underlying physical process interface or API [...]

WPS operations


The GetCapabilities operation returns service-level metadata information. It provides the list of available services.

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The DescribeProcess operation returns a description of a process, including its supported inputs and outputs.

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The Execute operation runs an available process and returns one or several output produced by this process

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