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    6666Two other softwares form the OSGeoLive environment will be used during this workshop. Geoserver will first be used to provide WFS input data for the ZOO Services we are going to develop. The Geoserver sample dataset (United States polygons) will be passed to our service during section 3. So please start the Geoserver using the corresponding launcher in the Servers folder, as illustrated in the following screenshot :
     68[[Image(Practical introduction to ZOO - 1.png,width=400px,align=center)]]
    6970OpenLayers library is also available on the OSGeoLive virtual machine image disk, and it will be used during section 4, for building a simple WPS client application able to query the newly developed ZOO Services.
    7172As we planned to use OGR C-API and Python module of the GDAL library, we will need the corresponding header files, libraries and associated files. Hopefully everything was already available per default and so ready to use on the OSGeoLive packaging.
     74== Testing the ZOO installation with GetCapabilities ==
     76You can now simply query ZOO Kernel using the following request from your Internet browser:
     80You should then get a valid Capabilities XML document, as the following :
     82Please note that no Process node is returned in the ProcessOfferings section, as no ZOO Service is available yet. You can also proceed to a GetCapabilities request from the command line, using the following command:
     86cd /usr/lib/cgi-bin
     87./zoo_loader.cgi “request=GetCapabilities&service=WPS”
     90The same result as in your browser will be returned, as shown in the following screenshot:
     92== Preparing your ZOO ServiceProvider directory ==
     94In order to simplify the task, we will first comment the directory structure which should be used when creating a new Services Provider :
     96 * The main Services Provider directory including :
     97  * A cgi-env directory which will contain all the zcfg metadata files and the service shared
     98object (C Shared Library or Python module)
     99  * The Makefile and the *c files needed to compile your Services Provider.
     101Please create a ws_sp main Services Provider directory in the existing zoo-services one located in /home/user/zoows/sources/, respecting the tree above .
     105mkdir -p /home/user/zoows/sources/zoo-services/ws_sp/cgi-env
     108The Makefile and the code of the C and Python Service Shared Object will be detailed in the next sections.


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