Sponsoring ZOO-Project

Development and maintenance of ZOO-Project is supported by a core team of developers who maintain a high quality code base driven by the needs of their users. The contributions of the ZOO-Tribe has fostered the development of a high quality platform which has become a reference WPS implementation.

Call for sponsors


The ZOO-Project Steering Committee (PSC) is seeking sponsors to provide financial support for the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of ZOO-Project. Main goals of sponsoring are:

  • Make it easier for both experts and new comers to adopt and use ZOO-Project.
  • Make ZOO-Project a robust and versatile WPS engine.
  • Make the ZOO-Tribe a lively community and expand the number of ZOO-Project contributors.
  • Make ZOO-Project an even more useful and reliable WPS platform.


The sponsorship funds will be disbursed at the discretion of the ZOO-Project PSC. Examples of common expenditures include:

  • Funding ZOO-Project development and maintenance operations.
  • Funding participation in organized project activities, such as code sprints or hackathons.
  • Funding ZOO-Project participation in conferences that help expand the ZOO-Tribe.
  • Provisioning ZOO-Project resources such as web hosting, electricity and good coffee.


Sponsoring ZOO-Project provides the following benefits for one year :

  • Sponsorship will help ensure the sustainability and activity of ZOO-Project.
  • Sponsors will be listed in the ZOO-Project's website sponsorship section, ordered by contribution class, with a link back to their website.
  • Sponsors will be permitted to notify their sponsorship on any promotional materials.
  • Sponsors will receive a detailed annual report on the use of sponsorship funds.

Sponsorship plans

Sponsors can help ZOO-Project according to the following class:


1000 €


2000 €


4000 €


8000 €

Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring ZOO-Project should email zoo-psc [at] lists.osgeo.org to make arrangements. You may also choose to provide sponsorship through the OSGeo foundation by following this link.

Sponsorships last one year, after which they may be continued with a new payment or allowed to lapse.



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