Oct 21, 2020, 6:31:09 PM (19 months ago)

Update OGC API - Processes documentation and implementation, providing a browsable User Interface to Processes.

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  • trunk/zoo-project/HISTORY.txt

    r961 r962  
    11Version 1.8.0-dev
     2  * Update OGC API - Processes documentation
     3  * Add open-api directory in utils services containing a reddis
     4  subscription example, the HTML UI and the display service using
     5  Cheetah templating system
     6  * Update the oas.cfg file to reflect new api definition
     7  * Include basic microdata in the HTML home page
     8  * Add HTML support for basic interractions with OGC API - Processes
     9  including execution of service from the service-desc link
     10  * OGC API - Processes added support for syncrhonous Execute requests
     11  * Reuse service_callback in OGC API - Processes when subscriber
     12  object is provided in the JSON request
     13  * OGC API - Processes implementation as available on 2020-10-19
    214  * Produce value string only when memory=load for Python support.
    315  * Make local files uris usable when cache is used
    4   * Make GDAL/prilfe service usable in case memory=protect
     16  * Make GDAL/profile service usable in case memory=protect
    517  * Add Dockerfile and docker-compose environment with pgbouncer, see #177
    618  * Add documentation on how to use asyncrhonous execution using the Javascript
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