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(edit) @779   7 years djay Fix location of the libzoo_service to the relative zoo-kernel …
(edit) @778   7 years djay Fix issue with include inside extern block
(edit) @777   7 years djay Fixx issue with include inside extern C
(edit) @775   7 years djay Add GDAL 2 support to the cgal services. Updadte otb support to build …
(edit) @771   7 years djay Remove the default java.library.path definition and use an optional …
(edit) @769   7 years djay Fix typo.
(edit) @766   7 years djay Add support for GDAL 2 (base-vect-ops).
(edit) @758   7 years djay Add missing makefile for windows platform.
(edit) @757   7 years djay Update the makefiles and small fixe for windows platform.
(edit) @743   7 years djay Add WCPS-Proxy, data-api proxy and update Makefile for dealing with …
(edit) @712   8 years knut Added snprintf for Visual Studio compiler. In readVSIFile(), changed …
(edit) @680   8 years djay Various fixes for Windows support: generate uuid using UuidCreate?, …
(edit) @676   8 years djay Move createRegistry function to server_internal. Add the …
(edit) @652   8 years djay Better concurrency gesture for asynchronous requests, add db backend …
(edit) @650   8 years djay Link against the zoo_service shared library from C service makefile.
(edit) @643   8 years djay Add support for zoo_service shared library
(edit) @624   8 years djay Fix for python support.
(edit) @621   8 years djay Major update. Creation of a basic parsing api. Call validateRequest …
(edit) @586   8 years djay Add the PHP ZOO-API, fix issue if ZTS is not defined, correct loading …
(edit) @546   8 years djay Small fix for mimeType of results for CGAL services
(edit) @543   8 years djay Small fixes in cgal Makefile, update testing script, update HISTORY.txt
(edit) @537   8 years djay Correct use of outputs in Java services.
(edit) @536   8 years nbozon Various minor corrections of zcfg files
(edit) @526   8 years djay Add simple example of Java ZOO-API use
(edit) @522   8 years david - Add install target, and fix cflags
(edit) @519   8 years david - add Delaunay service configuration file
(edit) @515   8 years djay Use the _getStatus function to use unique identifier and free the …
(edit) @499   9 years djay Small fix in applyTwo for services taking two parameters and returning …
(edit) @497   9 years djay Fix Simplify service to first build against GDAL 1.11.0 and to be able …
(edit) @495   9 years djay Small fix: avoid segmentation fault when dataPath is not defined.
(edit) @491   9 years djay Update ogr base-vector-ops services suite. Fixing issue #100.
(edit) @478   9 years djay Fix issue on win32 platform for Python support. Remove dirent.obj …
(edit) @471   9 years djay Remove leaks from DescribeProcess? and JavaScript? support. Fix wrong …
(edit) @469   9 years djay Support metapath embedded in service name. Add support for accessing …
(edit) @468   9 years djay Fix wrong header in file.
(edit) @467   9 years djay Various fixes for tickets #93, #94, #95, #95, #96.
(edit) @465   9 years djay Add the optional YAML ZCFG support #4 and the zcfg2yaml converter. …
(edit) @450   9 years djay Add GDAL Contour service (gdal_contour).
(edit) @448   9 years djay Add support for srcWin in gdal translate service.
(edit) @447   9 years djay Fix issue about encoding in python files.
(edit) @444   9 years djay Fixing issue on Linux / Mac OS X about language gesture. Fixing …
(edit) @440   10 years djay Add message in complement to percentCompleted value.
(edit) @427   10 years djay Rename License files
(edit) @426   10 years djay Add header to ndvi service.
(edit) @425   10 years djay Add missing header.
(edit) @424   10 years djay Add header.
(edit) @423   10 years djay Add licence terms.
(edit) @422   10 years djay Add header.
(edit) @421   10 years djay Move in its correct place.
(edit) @420   10 years djay Update header of some Python files.
(edit) @412   10 years djay Add gdaldem tool adaptation as a ZOO-Service.
(edit) @395   10 years djay Upgrade ogr2ogr to follow new ogr2ogr original source code.
(edit) @389   10 years djay Fix UnionPy? service.
(edit) @388   10 years djay Fix issue in OGR python services, thanks to Farkas to point this …
(edit) @385   10 years djay Add QREncode service. Fix memory leaks. Avoid printing anything from …
(edit) @384   10 years djay Fix asynchronous support on windows platform, fix storage of …
(edit) @382   10 years djay Add fields to outputed features.
(edit) @374   10 years djay Fix to build on windows platform.
(edit) @373   10 years djay Fix vrtdataset.h location.
(edit) @372   10 years djay Fix for issue when using Gdal_Translate service without providing any GCP.
(edit) @371   10 years djay Make GdalExtractProfile? Service working on windows platforms.
(edit) @369   10 years djay Add GCP option to gdal_translate service. Add warp service based on …
(edit) @367   10 years djay Add to build on windows platform.
(edit) @363   11 years djay Remove uneeded header file and small fix to compile on win32 and use …
(edit) @360   11 years djay Add support for multiple inputs values for the same identifier.
(edit) @348   11 years neteler set correctly svn propset
(edit) @347   11 years neteler fix name
(edit) @343   11 years lucadelu change documentation and example of Javascript code because they did …
(edit) @335   12 years djay Fix name of user which commit things (unable to use 1046 port to go …
(edit) @334   12 years root Add the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index service.
(copy) @303   12 years djay Updating the trunk tree to add zoo-project directory containing …
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(edit) @290   12 years djay Remove last Test MetaData? from zcfg.
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