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(edit) @380   11 years djay Update to support multiple outputs provided in a XML POST request.
(edit) @379   11 years djay Fix handling of multiple outputs. Small fix to build with bleeding …
(edit) @378   12 years djay Directly use tmpUrl if it starts with "http://". Fix cache system. Add …
(edit) @377   12 years djay Add the ZOOTranslate method to the JavaScript? API for supporting …
(edit) @376   12 years djay Add _ method to the zoo Python module to enable translation from …
(edit) @375   12 years djay Print specific headers when a [headers] section was added to the …
(edit) @374   12 years djay Fix to build on windows platform.
(edit) @373   12 years djay Fix vrtdataset.h location.
(edit) @372   12 years djay Fix for issue when using Gdal_Translate service without providing any GCP.
(edit) @371   12 years djay Make GdalExtractProfile? Service working on windows platforms.
(edit) @370   12 years djay Add the capability to use a specific Python version by detecting if …
(edit) @369   12 years djay Add GCP option to gdal_translate service. Add warp service based on …
(edit) @368   12 years djay Many thanks to Trevor Clarke for providing patch for Python ZOO-API. …
(edit) @367   12 years djay Add to build on windows platform.
(edit) @366   12 years djay Fix the two target for service_internal_java.obj, thanks to Farkas for …
(edit) @365   12 years djay Fix issue to compile on Linux platforms after the previous update, fix …
(edit) @364   12 years djay Update to make ZOO-Kernel able to compile and run from Windows …
(edit) @363   12 years djay Remove uneeded header file and small fix to compile on win32 and use …
(edit) @362   12 years djay Fix multiple values for the same identifier.
(edit) @361   12 years djay Add real_extent and create a new maps if not existing in setMapInMaps
(edit) @360   12 years djay Add support for multiple inputs values for the same identifier.
(edit) @357   12 years djay Small fix in MS Support, reproject extent to epsg:4326 when no …
(edit) @356   12 years djay Fix typo on sprintf.
(edit) @355   12 years djay Use dynamically allocated memory for Java CLASSPATH
(edit) @354   12 years djay Add support for wildcard character in main.cfg file.
(edit) @353   12 years djay Fix previous commit
(edit) @352   12 years djay Small modification in classpath handling.
(edit) @351   12 years djay Let authentication pass through iframes under ie9.
(edit) @350   12 years djay Set supported WMS SRS informations correctly when the SRS is an EPSG code.
(edit) @348   13 years neteler set correctly svn propset
(edit) @347   13 years neteler fix name
(edit) @345   13 years neteler link to new docs
(edit) @344   13 years djay Fix download file for JS api. Decode value of Datainputs.
(edit) @343   13 years lucadelu change documentation and example of Javascript code because they did …
(edit) @342   13 years djay Fix tickets #63, #64 and #68
(edit) @337   13 years djay Small fix for exception report when python script failed.
(edit) @336   13 years djay Add support for importScript javascript function
(edit) @335   13 years djay Fix name of user which commit things (unable to use 1046 port to go …
(edit) @334   13 years root Add the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index service.
(edit) @333   13 years djay Small update to support similar outputs for JavaScript? services as …
(edit) @332   13 years djay Print the last message of Python backtrace first.
(edit) @331   13 years djay Add the multi-part request support.
(edit) @330   13 years djay Fix typo.
(edit) @329   13 years djay Store metapath even for POST requests. Correct load of js when …
(edit) @328   13 years djay Fix bug #62. Use the same data structure in JS as in Python. Fix again …
(edit) @307   13 years djay Releasing 1.2.0 version.
(edit) @306   13 years djay Fix typo.
(edit) @305   13 years david bug fix :
(edit) @304   13 years djay Correct WIN32 compilation to find the thirds directory.
(add) @303   13 years djay Updating the trunk tree to add zoo-project directory containing …
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