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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#170 Problems using single KML point in MapServer service new defect blocker
#172 HTTPS problem: pointing to WFS service through HTTPS fails for an OGR Buffer service new defect blocker
#68 COOKIE gesture in ZOO-Kernel assigned djay defect critical 1.2.0
#2 GIS GRASS integration new soeren enhancement major
#11 Kernel segfaults when metapath parameter is missing from request reopened defect major
#34 support for W*S output new enhancement major
#51 Requests cache new enhancement major
#52 WSDL url is not available from GetCapabilities new defect major
#85 Wrong values assigned to optional input parameters new defect major
#88 Zoo kernel interface and encapsulation new enhancement major
#90 Illegal characters in configuration files new enhancement major
#91 addMapToMap function new defect major
#132 Use JSON format for ZCFG files new enhancement major
#137 serverAddress in main.cfg is not used new defect major
#164 HelloPHP incorrect output with PHP7 new defect major
#171 Translation Support errors new defect major
#40 openlayers output new djay enhancement minor
#71 explain better the errors new enhancement minor
#131 Remote processing using SSH and DRMAA suitable for HPC environments new enhancement minor
#165 add date/timestamp to zoo_error.log entries new enhancement minor
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