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Unable to comile against libmozjs185

Reported by: djay Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 1.2.0
Component: zoo-kernel Version:
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When I tried to compile the ZOO-Kernel 1.2.0-rc2 using the Spider monkey version 1.0.0 downloaded from here, it failed.

When I run configure script it was not able to detect any libmozjs library as the libmozjs was renamed into libmozjs185.

As it should be specific to the way I installed Spider Monkey, I tried to find the libmozjs package on Debian distribution again, then I discover that the same apply to Debian package, which was renamed to libmozjs185-dev. The library should be renamed in the configure.ac file to be detected properly.

I made this changes locally then the configure script worked and detect properlly the libmozjs185. But the JSAPI we are using changed a bit, so work were still required to change the internal js code we were using.

JSScript disapear and should be replaced by JSObject. This affect the loadZooApiFile function.

JS_GetStringBytes disapear and should be replaced by JS_EncodeString.

C functions signature should change to be used from JavaScript service code, when we got:

JSBool <myFunction>(JSContext*,JSObject*,uintN,jsval *,jsval *);

We should now get the following signature:

JSBool <myFunction>(JSContext*,uintN,jsval *);

Note also that the jsval* is now used to store both the arguments used when calling the function from JavaScript code (access using the JS_ARGV function) and the return value (set return value using the JS_SET_RVAL function).

This affect the ZOORequest and ZOOUpdate functions.

As JS_CompileFileHandle return JSScript* we replaced it by JS_CompileFile.

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This was solved and commited to the SVN rev. 274.

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