and .

Feb 1, 2011:

23:59 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
21:48 Changeset [106] by djay
Correct the zcfg files and add the Python Services Provider …
20:32 Changeset [105] by djay
Simplification of RawDataOutput? and ResponseDocument? parsing code for …
17:11 Changeset [104] by djay
Fix main MetaData? gesture.
15:16 Changeset [103] by djay
Error lang is no more allowed in the MetaData? node.
14:50 Changeset [102] by djay
Update the Profile service to release memory after using it. Special …

Jan 31, 2011:

17:10 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
Add link to download MacOS X installer. (diff)
17:01 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
Add installer mention. (diff)
16:49 Changeset [101] by reluc
Ending the ZOO-api documentation Adding the capability to parse WPS …

Jan 30, 2011:

23:58 Changeset [100] by djay
Detect the size of outputed binary string for the value key then add …
19:41 Changeset [99] by djay
Add the correct behavior when method is POST, post-treatment became …
19:10 Changeset [98] by djay
No need for external access to this variable as it is finally used …
19:06 Changeset [97] by djay
Keep the default behavior to correctly decode url. Avoid any decoding …
15:40 Changeset [96] by djay
Fix the cgic library to avoid removing '+' characters form the input …
15:36 Changeset [95] by djay
Remove the odd space by plus caracter replacement in input XML file.

Jan 29, 2011:

21:57 Changeset [94] by djay
Small fix for embedded base64 string in XML request (QGIS WPS Client …
19:39 ZooWebSite/QGIS_WPS_Client edited by markusn
typos fixed (diff)
19:38 ZooWebSite/QGIS_WPS_Client edited by nickboz
18:23 ZooWebSite/QGIS_WPS_Client edited by djay

Jan 28, 2011:

19:09 Changeset [93] by djay
Small fix for reference input download and for setting value to input only.
17:19 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay
17:14 ZooWebSite/ZooKernel/Introduction edited by nickboz
17:14 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay
16:37 ZooWebSite/RelatedLinks edited by djay
removeing center … (diff)
16:35 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Sponsors edited by djay
16:31 ZooWebSite/KnowledgePartnersList edited by nickboz
16:31 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Sponsors edited by djay
Remove all center attributes (diff)

Jan 27, 2011:

23:47 Changeset [92] by djay
Give ZOO-Services capabilities to return a Cookie to the client and to …
16:57 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by nickboz
16:30 ZOOPals edited by djay
Valid XML File (diff)
16:26 ZOOPals edited by djay
Try to use United States - English to get payment form in english. (diff)
14:55 Ticket #16 (JavaScript package on Ubuntu) reopened by djay
David explained to me that finally I was wrong using the grep dev on …
14:07 Ticket #16 (JavaScript package on Ubuntu) closed by djay
fixed: Many thanks for you help david and for your tests reluc. After …
14:03 Changeset [91] by djay
Small fix for JS Support to check dev or devel package. Indeed you can …
13:43 Ticket #16 (JavaScript package on Ubuntu) reopened by reluc
With the revision 89 the option : …
12:00 Changeset [90] by david
11:12 Ticket #16 (JavaScript package on Ubuntu) closed by david
fixed: fixed for linux debian like, in revision 89
11:07 Changeset [89] by david
-bug fix javascript package on ubuntu ticket #16

Jan 26, 2011:

19:12 ZooWebSite/QGIS_WPS_Client created by djay
Initial qgis-wps-client video page.
16:58 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Sponsors edited by djay
Add center attribute to each image. (diff)
16:56 ZooWebSite/KnowledgePartnersList edited by djay
Add center attribute to each image. (diff)
16:54 ZooWebSite/RelatedLinks edited by djay
Add center attribute to each image. (diff)
16:47 ZooWebSite/RelatedLinks edited by djay
Add foss4g 2011 link. (diff)
16:13 Changeset [88] by djay
Special thanks to Soeren Gebbert for his proposals. Add the inRequest …

Jan 24, 2011:

02:53 Changeset [87] by djay
Fix lineage checking, special thanks to Soeren Gebbert for pointing …

Jan 21, 2011:

11:01 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet10 edited by nickboz
10:51 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet10 edited by nickboz
ZOO PSC Meeting 10 (diff)
10:50 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet10 edited by nickboz
10:29 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet10 edited by nickboz
10:23 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet10 edited by nickboz
10:17 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet10 edited by nickboz
10:01 ZOOPals edited by djay
09:58 ZOOPals edited by djay
09:57 ZOOPals edited by djay
09:54 ZOOPals edited by djay
09:51 ZooWebSite/TwittJs edited by djay
09:48 ZooWebSite/TwittJs edited by djay
09:47 ZooWebSite/TwittJs edited by djay
09:40 ZOOPals edited by djay
09:36 ZOOPals created by djay
Add ZOOPals page for small donations.

Jan 20, 2011:

17:38 Changeset [86] by reluc
Correct a bug
16:36 Changeset [85] by reluc
Update ZOO.Format.GML
15:21 Changeset [84] by djay
Small fix to avoid adding not valid anyValue node to the output one.
15:16 Changeset [83] by djay
Move hello.js Services Provider file into cgi-env and correct zcfg …
14:43 Changeset [82] by reluc
Update hello.js
14:21 Ticket #17 (Python Makefile generated by configure is false) closed by reluc
wontfix: I forgot a make clean before make zoo_loader.cgi.
14:06 Ticket #17 (Python Makefile generated by configure is false) reopened by reluc
Hi djay, The problem is not in the service_internal_python.h or in …
13:02 Ticket #17 (Python Makefile generated by configure is false) closed by djay
wontfix: Hi reluc, many thanks for your feedbacks. I'm not sure to follow the …
12:53 Ticket #17 (Python Makefile generated by configure is false) created by reluc
After doing : * ./configure --with-python It's necessary to update …

Jan 19, 2011:

14:53 Ticket #16 (JavaScript package on Ubuntu) created by reluc
Since Ubuntu 10.4, there is no more mozjs-dev package. This package …
14:30 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/DebianLike_installation edited by reluc
10:24 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/DebianLike_installation edited by reluc
How to use Xulrunner-dev package (diff)
10:08 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/DebianLike_installation edited by reluc
Add libxml2-dev for xml2-config (diff)
09:53 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/DebianLike_installation edited by reluc
add the way that SpiderMonkey? is in the xulrunner package (diff)

Jan 18, 2011:

10:19 Changeset [81] by reluc
Adding getGeodesicLength Adding getGeodesicArea Adding …

Jan 17, 2011:

15:57 ZooWebSite/Support/Sponsors edited by djay
Update Payment Form for Sponsors (diff)
14:03 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet10 edited by markusn
+link (diff)

Jan 16, 2011:

16:46 ZooWebSite/ZooKernel/Download edited by djay
Fix copyright (diff)
16:44 Changeset [80] by djay
Correct all ZCFG files to remove the lang attribtue from …
16:38 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
Small fixes. (diff)
16:16 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by djay
Add link to the ZCFG Reference page (diff)
16:05 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
Specify that Default and Supported nodes have to be present and show … (diff)
16:00 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
Small fixes (diff)
15:37 Changeset [79] by djay
Small fix for LiteralData? without any UOM (like string), …
06:09 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/Introduction edited by djay
Fix URL (diff)
06:06 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
05:52 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
Fix first part (diff)
05:46 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
Small modifications (diff)
04:59 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
04:44 ZooWebSite/ZooServices/ZCFGReference edited by djay
First version containing examples (diff)
01:05 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
00:40 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
Simplification of install doc for MacOS X thank to rev [changeset:77 … (diff)
00:30 Changeset [78] by djay
Remove request length display and fix Makefile for MacOS X.
00:28 Changeset [77] by djay
Fix autotools for MacOS X (specific macos keywords for activating java).

Jan 15, 2011:

22:47 Changeset [76] by djay
Add complete BoundingBoxData? support. Code cleanup for DescribeProcess?
20:37 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
Fix correct LDFLAGS for ZOO-Kernel compilation on MacOS X (diff)

Jan 14, 2011:

18:48 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
17:31 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
17:27 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
16:52 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
16:45 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
14:55 Changeset [75] by djay
Remove autoconf version checking. Fix for MacOS X Python support …
14:47 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
14:30 Changeset [74] by reluc
Add comments to ZOO-api.js, need to be continue
14:26 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
14:24 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation edited by djay
14:22 zoo-demo.zip attached to ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation by djay
Demo pages archive
14:21 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/MacOSX_installation created by djay
First version of installation guide for Mac Os X

Jan 13, 2011:

23:22 Changeset [73] by djay
Small fix for metadata mixing.
17:36 Changeset [72] by djay
Fix for use of status and storeExecuteResponse parameters.
14:47 Changeset [71] by djay
For compliancy ZOO-Kernel doesn't make assumption anymore that the …
04:11 Changeset [70] by djay
Small fix in ExecuteResponse? XML output. Store file for …
01:40 Changeset [69] by djay
Fix XML request parser for embedded XML complex data. Handle Execute …

Jan 12, 2011:

20:57 Changeset [68] by djay
JAVA Supprot : binary files support for data in both inputs and outputs.

Jan 10, 2011:

14:51 Ticket #15 (ZOO API docs needed) created by nickboz
The ZOO API Classes needs to be documented for next release. A page …

Jan 9, 2011:

20:21 Changeset [67] by djay
Support binary output for Python Services.

Jan 8, 2011:

16:02 Changeset [66] by djay
Fix for RawDataOutputs? in case of multiple outputs.
14:12 Changeset [65] by djay
Add support for multiple outputs format for DescribeProcess? and …
02:20 Ticket #9 (Kernel segfaults when elements are missing in service configuration on ...) closed by djay
fixed: Thanks for your feedback. Revision #64 correct the …
02:17 Changeset [64] by djay
Fix issue when supported node is not present in the zcfg file (ticket #9).
01:52 Ticket #1 (Maintaining, security and debugging enhancement request for zoo kernel) closed by djay
fixed: Late answer, thanks for your feedbacks. A modified version of your …
01:40 Ticket #3 (Filling optional default values issue with GIS GRASS integration) closed by djay
fixed: Since Revision #63, the ZOO-Kernel does not fill the …
01:05 Ticket #12 (minOccurs and maxOccurs missing in python inputs map) closed by djay
fixed: Many thanks for your feedbacks Soeren. Revision #63
01:01 Changeset [63] by djay
Remove memory leaks. Add support for minOccurs and maxOccurs …

Jan 7, 2011:

13:52 Changeset [62] by djay
Special thanks to Yoshida-san for pointing us this out. Remove the …
04:19 Changeset [61] by djay
01:30 Changeset [60] by djay
Small fixs in freeElements and runRequest.

Jan 6, 2011:

22:50 Changeset [59] by djay
Small fix for binary string support in dupMaps function to ensure that …
11:19 Changeset [58] by djay
Add binary files support for DataInputs?. Managing this binary format …

Jan 5, 2011:

15:20 Changeset [57] by djay
Adding contains and getIoTypeFromElement functions in service.h. …
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