and .

Jul 16, 2013:

16:56 Release/1.3.0/Notes edited by djay
14:37 zoo-1.3.jpg attached to ZooWebSite/Welcome by nickboz
14:20 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by nickboz
14:18 zoo-1.3.png attached to ZooWebSite/Welcome by nickboz
ZOO 1.3 release image
14:17 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by nickboz
12:02 Web/Right edited by djay
12:01 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by djay
11:59 Downloads edited by djay
11:57 Release/1.3.0 edited by djay
Add Links to download new release (diff)
11:44 Changeset [439] by djay
Tag release 1.3.0 and add the corresponding 1.3 branch.

Jul 10, 2013:

18:05 Web/Right edited by nickboz
18:03 ZooWebSite/DownloadLink edited by djay
18:01 Web/Menu edited by nickboz
18:00 Downloads edited by djay
16:33 ZooWebSite/Menu edited by nickboz
15:15 PSC/process edited by djay
15:09 PSC/process edited by djay
14:23 OSGeoIncubationStatus edited by djay
13:10 Changeset [438] by neteler
developer.txt: typo fix
11:27 OSGeoIncubationStatus created by djay

Jul 9, 2013:

09:33 Changeset [437] by lucadelu
fix english, thank's to markus neteler

Jul 8, 2013:

10:12 Changeset [436] by djay
Fix the Markus' name in the Developer Guide lines. Thanks Markus for …

Jul 6, 2013:

11:46 Ticket #81 (Update status message) created by djay
Current ZOO-Kernel implementation offer only to provide information …
11:18 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by djay
11:13 Release/1.3.0/Notes edited by djay
11:10 Release/1.3.0 edited by djay
10:52 Changeset [435] by djay
Tag release 1.3.0-rc2
10:43 Changeset [434] by djay
Fixed verbose output when using W*S output in r434 (ticket #!0).

Jul 5, 2013:

17:24 Ticket #80 (Verbose messages when using MapServer W*S output) created by djay
When using the automatic W*S publication of results with current …
14:52 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by nickboz
14:47 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by nickboz
14:46 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by nickboz
14:45 zoo-1.3rc2.png attached to ZooWebSite/Welcome by nickboz
ZOO 1.3.0 rc2 img
09:49 Ticket #79 (Problem with cookies coming from other web application) closed by djay
fixed: This behavior should now be fixed. Note that I also defined a …
09:40 Changeset [433] by djay
Fixed in trunk (r433): correct behavior when cookie are set by …
09:32 Ticket #79 (Problem with cookies coming from other web application) created by djay
Current implementation of the ZOO-Kernel does support cookie handling. …

Jul 3, 2013:

11:02 ZOO_WS_flyer_2013.jpg attached to ZooWorkshop2013/Invitation by nickboz
ZOO WS Flyer 2013
09:29 ZooWorkshop2013/Invitation edited by nickboz
09:28 ZooWorkshop2013/Invitation edited by nickboz
09:28 ZooWorkshop2013/Invitation edited by nickboz
09:27 ZooWorkshop2013/Invitation created by nickboz
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