PSC meeting 20

The PSC meeting will be held face to face at FOSS4G-Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

Time, Date and Place

Amari Hotel Don Muang

Thursday, 4 december 2014 from 9:30 to 10:30 PM


  • Release of ZOO 1.4 (new features and changes by Gerald)
  • Upcoming ZOO 1.5 release plan
  • Website and documentation


This PSC meeting was held face to face on Thursday 4 December 2014 at Amari Hotel during the FOSS4G Asia conference in Bangkok.

  • Introduction by Venka and proposed agenda items by Gerald and Nick.
  • Detailed report on ZOO 1.4 rc1 by Gerald
    • ZOO-Kernel evolutions (FastCGI support, Windows support, feedbacks and bug reports from few commiters.
    • Newly added ZOO-Services (CGAL Voronoi and Delaunay triangulations)
    • Detailed explanations on the newly added ZOO-Client
    • Motion passed to release ZOO-Project 1.4
  • Explanations on the upcoming 1.5 release by Gerald
    • A new scalable ZOO-Kernel has been designed and is now being implemented by David
    • It would be made available for testing in January 2015 for testing purpose
    • A new release procedure to be launch in February
    • ZOO-PSC voted and agreed that the project will release more often from 2015 (4 releases a year would be a good base)
    • Motion passed to release ZOO-1.5 by the end of first trimester of 2015
  • Explanations about plans for the new ZOO website by Nicolas
    • Website redesign is still ongoing. More time is needed to achieve it.
    • Important updates on documentation are needed.
    • Both remaining tasks may be supported by sponsors if a new call for sponsorship is organized.
  • End of meeting.


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