PSC meeting 22

The PSC meeting was held on at the #zoo-project channel.

Date and Time

Thursday, 10 December 2020 at 13:00 UTC



A detailed review of the previous meeting notes has taken place in introduction.

  • Motion 1: Approve past minutes

djay, jmkenna, venka: +1

  • Motion 2: Release candidate by December 18th

djay, jmkenna, venka: +1

  • Motion 3: Request ZOO-Project mentor now attends PSC meeting and facilitate incubation

djay, jmkenna, venka: +1

  • Motion 4: Rajat Shinde as new PSC member djay, jmkenna, venka: +1

Rajat Shinde joinded the meeting and was warmly welcomed aboard.

  • Motion 5: Budget plan by Dec., 18, 2020 (Action item djay)

djay, jmkenna, venka, omshinde: +1

djay, jmkenna, venka, omshinde: +1


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