ZOO-Project 1.5.0 release notes

  • Completely rewrite of the documentation to use moderne style
  • Fix asynchronous POST request on WIN32 platforms
  • Add utils/registry service
  • Initial support for WPS 2.0.0 including the Dismiss extension
  • Fix concurrency access to status informations
  • Use simple file rather than shared memory for storing status informations
  • Add support for db backend to store status informations
  • Add the lib_zoo_service shared library to be linked against C services
  • Add ZOO-API for the PHP language (with documentation)
  • Add doxygen comments in source code
  • Add support for multiple Exception nodes
  • Add a length key when creating MapArray
  • Add OTB support for applications as a service
  • Add the otb2zcfg utility to produce zcfg for otb applications
  • Add OTB Application Observer to have progress status updates
  • Fix maxOccurs handling
  • Fix gesture of downloaded inputs when multiple values are given
  • Add detection of generated_file key in outputs to read the file generated by a service
  • Add a minimal parsing API
  • Run validateRequest (download, default settings and decoding) after fork if any
  • Add SAGA-GIS support for modules as a service
  • Add saga2zcfg utility to generate zcfg for SAGA-GIS modules
  • Add SAGA-GIS Observer to have ongoing status updates



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