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(edit) @557   9 years knut Fix to ensure that only configuration files whose name ends with .zcfg …
(edit) @556   9 years knut Added null pointer checks in service_internal_php.c. In WIN32 version, …
(edit) @555   9 years djay Fixes for OTB support. Add --with-itk and --with-itk-version options.
(edit) @554   9 years knut Changed the WIN32 version of function zGettimeofday. Changed return …
(edit) @551   9 years djay Fix version number in
(edit) @550   9 years djay Add otb2zcfg and OTB applications support without observer by now. Fix …
(edit) @546   9 years djay Small fix for mimeType of results for CGAL services
(edit) @544   9 years djay Add branch-1.4 and rel-1.4.0-rc1 for the upcoming release 1.4.0-rc1.
(edit) @543   9 years djay Small fixes in cgal Makefile, update testing script, update HISTORY.txt
(edit) @542   9 years djay Add AnyValue? node only when input is not a boolean.
(edit) @541   9 years david - fix indent
(edit) @540   9 years djay Remove uneeded debug message.
(edit) @539   9 years djay Fix yaml service naming. Add javax javaxx optional sections in the …
(edit) @537   9 years djay Correct use of outputs in Java services.
(edit) @536   9 years nbozon Various minor corrections of zcfg files
(edit) @534   9 years djay Small fix for storing mimetype properly.
(edit) @527   9 years djay Fix #106 and #108
(edit) @526   9 years djay Add simple example of Java ZOO-API use
(edit) @525   9 years djay Add the Java ZOO-API.
(edit) @522   9 years david - Add install target, and fix cflags
(edit) @521   9 years david -add libgeos, libcgal checking
(edit) @520   9 years david - check libxslt install
(edit) @519   9 years david - add Delaunay service configuration file
(edit) @518   9 years david - adding an install target in the zoo-kernel Makefile
(edit) @517   9 years djay Update ZOO-Client API and add its jsdoc documentation.
(edit) @516   9 years djay Call exit from the child processes and make sure to remove zombies …
(edit) @515   9 years djay Use the _getStatus function to use unique identifier and free the …
(edit) @514   9 years djay Use unique identifier as reference for asynchronous service execution.
(edit) @510   9 years djay Fix leaks in ZOO-Kernel.
(edit) @509   9 years djay Apply updates of the PHP support and fixes in ulinet provided by Knut …
(edit) @508   9 years djay Stop blowing the stack in ulinet. Add API function addToMapWithSize …
(edit) @507   9 years djay Add concurrency gesture for background services. Fix tickets #102 and #103.
(edit) @505   9 years djay Fixes for metapath definition with prefixed names.
(edit) @504   9 years djay Remove debug messages and fix to free corig when needed.
(edit) @503   9 years djay Fix DescribeProcess? for services with prefixed identifier.
(edit) @502   9 years djay RawDataOutput? gesture fixes (see …
(edit) @501   9 years djay Version for testing through ogc-cite with 29 passed tests
(edit) @500   9 years djay Fix issue reported on mailing list about base64 encoding.
(edit) @499   9 years djay Small fix in applyTwo for services taking two parameters and returning …
(edit) @498   9 years djay Avoid issue …
(edit) @497   9 years djay Fix Simplify service to first build against GDAL 1.11.0 and to be able …
(edit) @496   9 years djay Fix issue when passing <\![CDATA[]]> in ComplexData? for text/xml mimeType.
(edit) @495   9 years djay Small fix: avoid segmentation fault when dataPath is not defined.
(edit) @492   9 years djay Inputs passed by reference downloaded in parallel. Conform behavior …
(edit) @491   9 years djay Update ogr base-vector-ops services suite. Fixing issue #100.
(edit) @490   9 years djay Remove memory leaks from ZOO-Kernel. Fix issue #99.
(edit) @489   9 years djay Remove version.h from zoo-kernel directory on make clean.
(edit) @488   9 years djay Small fixes in memory gesture.
(edit) @487   9 years djay Fix issue to link on 64 bits platforms with JS file.
(edit) @486   9 years djay Remove dumpMap call from zoo_service_loader.c.
(edit) @485   9 years djay Add support of maximumMegabytes keyword for size limitation of …
(edit) @483   9 years djay Fix issue with namspaces in printExceptionReportResponse when Header …
(edit) @482   9 years djay Add GDAL_CFLAGS when building service_internal.o ..
(edit) @481   9 years djay Fix ExceptionReport? nodes
(edit) @480   9 years samsouk Libraries and templates for the Zoo WPS client Javascript implementation.
(edit) @479   9 years samsouk Base directory for all clients.
(edit) @478   9 years djay Fix issue on win32 platform for Python support. Remove dirent.obj …
(edit) @477   9 years djay Remove debug messages.
(edit) @476   9 years djay Upgrade dirent-win32 to dirent API for Microsoft Visual Studio. Fix …
(edit) @475   9 years djay Fix issue with WKT projections which can became empty after converting …
(edit) @474   9 years djay Fix issue with Python support: remove unecessary Py_DECREF calls.
(edit) @473   9 years djay Fix issue still kept in previous commit
(edit) @472   9 years djay Small fix in POST XML parser
(edit) @471   9 years djay Remove leaks from DescribeProcess? and JavaScript? support. Fix wrong …
(edit) @470   9 years djay Remove memory leaks in parseIdentifier and use thread safe CURL version.
(edit) @469   9 years djay Support metapath embedded in service name. Add support for accessing …
(edit) @468   9 years djay Fix wrong header in file.
(edit) @467   9 years djay Various fixes for tickets #93, #94, #95, #95, #96.
(edit) @466   9 years djay Fix issue with language gesture on Ubuntu platforms.
(edit) @465   9 years djay Add the optional YAML ZCFG support #4 and the zcfg2yaml converter. …
(edit) @464   9 years djay Fix issue #92, thanks Knut for reporting this bug.
(edit) @459   10 years djay Initial introduction of Value and Range in AllowedValues?, update zcfg …
(edit) @458   10 years djay Fix some issue in background execution on windows platform (basic …
(edit) @454   10 years djay Dumping final file fix. Add missing functions definition.
(edit) @453   10 years djay Add the optional Ruby Language Support to the ZOO-Kernel with an API …
(edit) @452   10 years djay Fix issue on windows platform with shared memory, pass outputs as KVP …
(edit) @451   10 years djay Small fixes for building on windows platform.
(edit) @450   10 years djay Add GDAL Contour service (gdal_contour).
(edit) @449   10 years djay Small change in the behavior of the ZOO-Kernel to return output values …
(edit) @448   10 years djay Add support for srcWin in gdal translate service.
(edit) @447   10 years djay Fix issue about encoding in python files.
(edit) @446   10 years djay Detect mimetype of downloaded content.
(edit) @445   10 years djay Update serverAddress param of the main section to the requested …
(edit) @444   10 years djay Fixing issue on Linux / Mac OS X about language gesture. Fixing …
(edit) @442   10 years djay Add HttpOnly? to Set-Cookie header.
(edit) @441   10 years djay Fix issue #82, fixing issue when mixing POST and GET Reference nodes.
(edit) @440   10 years djay Add message in complement to percentCompleted value.
(edit) @435   10 years djay Tag release 1.3.0-rc2
(edit) @434   10 years djay Fixed verbose output when using W*S output in r434 (ticket #!0).
(edit) @433   10 years djay Fixed in trunk (r433): correct behavior when cookie are set by …
(edit) @432   10 years djay Small fix in file names.
(edit) @429   10 years djay Add COMMITERS file
(edit) @428   10 years djay Add Commiter Guidelines
(edit) @427   10 years djay Rename License files
(edit) @426   10 years djay Add header to ndvi service.
(edit) @425   10 years djay Add missing header.
(edit) @424   10 years djay Add header.
(edit) @423   10 years djay Add licence terms.
(edit) @422   10 years djay Add header.
(edit) @421   10 years djay Move in its correct place.
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