and .

Mar 27, 2013:

21:32 Changeset [403] by djay
Fixing issue pointed by Luca today about JS service.
19:09 Changeset [402] by djay
Fixing issue when there is no SRS in the file you want to return as …
17:08 Changeset [401] by djay
Use valid header as described by Chris long time ago sorry for taking …
16:44 Changeset [400] by djay
Remove uneeded header and switch from LGPL to MIT following …
00:06 Changeset [399] by lucadelu
move information about return code

Mar 26, 2013:

23:29 Changeset [398] by lucadelu
add debug page to documentation
23:18 Changeset [397] by lucadelu
fix mailing list address, the nabble link should be reactivate
17:10 Changeset [396] by lucadelu
improve documentation for python services

Mar 25, 2013:

19:44 Ticket #77 (MapServer 6.2.0 raster output) created by djay
This morning when updating from MapServer 6.0.3 to 6.2.0 I faced …
19:20 Ticket #76 (ZOO not compiling again Mapserver 6.2) closed by djay
fixed: With the 6.2.0 version of MapServer? you have to run make install from …
16:19 Ticket #76 (ZOO not compiling again Mapserver 6.2) created by lucadelu
If I try to compile ZOO with MapServer? 6.2 I obtain this error […]

Mar 22, 2013:

16:58 ZooWebSite/Footer edited by venka
16:49 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Contact edited by venka
16:28 ZooWebSite/Contact edited by venka
15:50 ZOO_SoC_Ideas edited by venka
15:45 ZOO_SoC_Ideas edited by venka
15:44 ZOO_SoC_Ideas edited by venka
15:43 ZOO_SoC_Ideas edited by venka
15:39 ZOO_SoC_Ideas created by venka
15:28 WikiStart edited by venka
15:28 WikiStart edited by venka
12:53 Contact edited by venka
12:48 Contact edited by venka
11:12 OSGeoCodeSprint2013 edited by lucadelu
add documentation improving (diff)
11:07 Contact edited by markusn
+WebIRC (diff)

Mar 21, 2013:

15:46 OSGeoCodeSprint2013 edited by djay
15:36 OSGeoCodeSprint2013 edited by djay
15:34 OSGeoCodeSprint2013 created by djay

Mar 20, 2013:

12:31 Ticket #75 (empty input value problem) created by lucadelu
When a input value is set in the zcfg file as not required we should …

Mar 18, 2013:

14:23 Changeset [395] by djay
Upgrade ogr2ogr to follow new ogr2ogr original source code.
14:21 Changeset [394] by djay
Small typo in default po file.

Mar 15, 2013:

02:16 Changeset [393] by djay
Remove temporary file created when running service in background. Make …

Mar 13, 2013:

15:41 Provenance Review edited by djay
15:39 Provenance Review edited by djay
15:39 Provenance Review edited by djay
15:32 Provenance Review created by djay
Initial code provenance review page.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.


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